windows update problem

  logoff 20:30 21 Dec 2010


I have a problem in that I have noticed that since the end of October my auto windows update function is not working. Have tried all I can think of but not sorted yet.

System is Windows 7 64 bit, Intel Quad Core2 Q6600
with 64 kilobyte primary memory cache and 4096 kilobytes of secondary memory cache and 8 G of DDR2 ram. Also two 500G HDDs. Just over 2 years old.

The date the problem started seems to coincide with the date I installed norton internet security 2010 on the machine. Had Avira Premium for the year before that and changed when licence expired.
When try to access windows update from start button just get message "windows cannot access windows update" and on trying again get microsoft error 8024402C which suggests it may be something to do with an AV or firewall setting. Have tried turning elements of Norton off but doesn't make any difference. Any ideas? Would be most grateful.

  northumbria61 20:38 21 Dec 2010

I may be stating the obvious but have you checked your settings to make sure "Never Check for Updates (not recommended) is NOT selected ?

Also - check in SERVICES to see that "Windows Update" is running - if not set to Automatic and START

  logoff 20:42 21 Dec 2010

Thanks but have checked. It is set to update daily at 18:00 and has been since have had the machine.
I suspect it must be some default setting in Norton interfering somehow but have no idea what. Have tried turning firewall on and off to no effect,

  northumbria61 20:49 21 Dec 2010

try running sfc /scannow from the Command Prompt - it may just help/fix.

  northumbria61 20:53 21 Dec 2010

You could be right - it may be Norton that is the culprit. Have you tried changing you settings in "safemode" with Norton disabled ?

  woodchip 21:08 21 Dec 2010

Have you tried running Updates from the Start Menu. under start button

  logoff 21:21 21 Dec 2010

northumbria61 - i'll give that a go shortly and report back. Thanks for the idea. Haven't tried safemode yet but may also give that a go

woodchip yes have tried that, alas to no avail. Get same message popping up!

Grateful for the suggestions,

  logoff 22:49 21 Dec 2010

Hi Again,

northumbria61 -not sure that sfc /scannow works in windows 7-may be more for XP??

Have got into safe mode and tried a few things-the msconfig option is probably best in w7 to get there-like many I haven't studied the differences in W7 that much but quite like it generally.
I did ensure all what seem like basic MS services run at start up. I have already run system restore to point before issue arose and also uninstalled then reinstalled Norton without it altering the basic problem.

I am still getting the windows update error message -if anyone knows much about Norton settings would be grateful to hear from them-I suspect though if this was a common issue I would have found some information about it. I haven't yet.
Thanks again for your assistance so far and will take up tomorrow now as will have to logoff.

  northumbria61 11:13 22 Dec 2010

Hi again - I can assure you that sfc /scannow does work in Windows 7 - I have used it - click here

As far as Norton is concerned I can't help you any further as I don't use it - I did many years ago and found out that it was or could be "problematic"

  logoff 14:14 22 Dec 2010

northumbria61-apologies -I obviously did not do this correctly. Had not heard of an elevated command prompt before! Now completed and reports that there are no integrity violations.
Have had a go in Safe Mode -which settings do you think would need changing with Norton disabled?
I know that Norton used to have some adverse comments from users but the newer versions seem not to hog resources and have been getting excellent reviews. It does seem too much of a coincidence that this started at exactly the time Norton was installed though

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