Windows Update Problem

  cylon 17:39 30 Sep 2005

Hi all

I am experiemcimg a small problem with windows update

When I Open the Control panel, in XP style, there is a link in the left hand pane for Windows Update.

When I click on the link the usual window appears but report the site could not be found. It used to function just fine.

I have been via the link IE and successfuly checked for updates and done a similair thing from the security centre.

Any suggestions ?


  ade.h 19:05 30 Sep 2005

Is the URL that is generated by the Control Panel link the same as the URL that is generated from IE's Tools Menu link? If it is not, then there's your problem.

  cylon 19:14 30 Sep 2005

When the Control Panel windows update opens the address bar is hiddem.

When the page reports the error the title is

Is there a registry setting which controls where the control panel shortcut goes ?

  GaT7 19:19 30 Sep 2005

I've just tried it on my PC. The URL is click here, when I click the Win Update link in Control Panel.

This, automatically & almost immediately, changes to the correct Win update page which is click here.

Could you post the URL when you initially click on the Win Update link in Control Panel? G

  ade.h 19:20 30 Sep 2005

" Is there a registry setting which controls where the control panel shortcut goes ?"

Yes, there would have to be, but finding it might take some doing...

I don't know why the address bar would be hidden (that's really odd) but see if you can enable it in the normal way, so that you can al least see the URL.

  ade.h 19:23 30 Sep 2005

G - the URL is hidden for some reason when linking from the CP.

Cylon - if you can't get it back, use the link from the CP and check history, page properties or anything that might list the malfunctioning URL.

  woodchip 19:24 30 Sep 2005

Do you have Windows Update under start button

  cylon 21:09 30 Sep 2005

Hi all

Cheers for the pointers.

I found the location in the history once I unlocked the toolbar for the window produced by the control panel

I think I must of deleted some entry from Zone Alarm for the 'help objwct' or something as the link works OK when pasted into the address bar and when breifly I turn my firewall off

I'll have a look in the logs and see if I can trace it

  cylon 21:46 30 Sep 2005

Thanks to all for the pointers

Usual trouble, the user and by that I mean me.

Being the over cautious type I review the permitted list on odd occasions, just to make sure nothing has got into the list the shouldn't be there.

One of these reviews I have sat and thought 'why does Windows Explorer need internet access?' and deleted it.

The answer is, it does if you want to use the link on the control panel.

The firewall wouldn't let me put it back fo some reason so had to re-install in order to return it to the permitted list

Again, thansk for the help

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