Windows Update problem

  Peverelli 19:55 10 Jul 2005

I am not able to get MS updates. When I try I am told, "you need to enable userdata persistence for Internet Explorer." This option IS enabled.

I get a 0x800A0046 error. To resolve this, Microsoft recommends that I ...
"Click Start - Point to Programs - Point to Administrative Tools - Choose Local Security Policy" ... etc. Unfortunately, Local Security Policy is not there to be chosen, so I am stuck.

I'm using XP Home (SP2) with full Admin rights and have had no problems until a couple of days ago.

Any ideas?

  VoG II 19:59 10 Jul 2005


Have you seen click here

  Peverelli 20:18 10 Jul 2005

Thanks, VoG.

Resolution Three on your link is the one I tried but can't go any further than "Choose Local Security Policy" as it's not there to be chosen.

Resolution Two (using cmd) results in "success" (but makes no difference) and if I type "sc sdshow wuauserv", I get an "OpenService FAILED 5: Access is denied" message :-(

I also have a problem with Resolution One. Step 3 says "Expand Local Users and Groups" but I haven't got that option to expand!!

I'll bet something obvious is staring me in the face.

  De Marcus 20:22 10 Jul 2005

1. Reboot your PC and don't open Windows Update.
2. Go to Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Options and click on the "Delete Cookies" and "Delete Files" (tick
"Delete all offline content") buttons. Click OK to finish and close Internet Explorer.
3. Open Windows Explorer, and go to your C:\Program Files\System32 directory. Find and delete the files
wuapi.dll, wucltui.dll, wupdmgr.exe, and wuweb.dll.
4. Still in Windows Explorer, go to your Windows Update Temporary folder if it exists, typically
C:\WUTemp. Delete this folder and all its subfolders and contents. Note that you can delete this folder at
any time in the future after a Windows Update session and a reboot. Close Windows Explorer.
5. Click on Start>Run and type "REGSVR32 IUCTL.DLL /U" (without quotes) and click OK. Click OK again
when done.
6. Go to Start>Search, select All Files and Folders and type in "IUCTL.DLL" (without quotes) in the top
search box then Press Enter. Delete every instance of this file found (except in the /ServicePackFiles/
directories) - highlight the files in the right pane and press DEL.
7. Repeat step 6 for "IUENGINE.DLL" (without quotes) and delete all entries found again.
8. Reboot your PC. Open Windows Update and Windows will re-download the Windows Update software
and everything should be fine from there.

  Peverelli 21:35 10 Jul 2005

Thanks De Marcus. I've just tried your suggestion but with no joy.

On another note, I've found the XPTC Guide and have downloaded it. Looks useful :-)

For anyone else that is interested, click here to download.

  De Marcus 21:38 10 Jul 2005

It is, I posted about it a while ago, think I'll give it another bump, as for your problem, sorry I'm fresh outta ideas bar trying the secure windows update site.

  bertiecharlie 21:43 10 Jul 2005

I think Local Security Policy is only available in Windows 2000 and XPPro. Try typing in secpol.msc in Start\Run. If you have the secpol.msc file it will be in your System32 Folder. I haven't got the file here on XP Home.

  bertiecharlie 22:11 10 Jul 2005

Just a thought. In VoG's link, Suggested Method 2, (Set the Security Descriptor), says to stop the Automatic Update Service first. The Microsoft article suggesting the same procedure doesn't say to stop that service click here

  Peverelli 22:15 10 Jul 2005

The secure windows update site comes up with the same problem :-((

I haven't got secpol.msc either, bertiecharlie, so no joy there either. Thanks for your efforts so far, much appreciated.

  Peverelli 22:41 10 Jul 2005

Good point, bertiecharlie - but now, when I click on the Automatic Update service, I get the message, "Unable to open service 'Automatic Updates' for reading on Local Computer.

Error 5: Access is denied."

I can see a re-installation of XP coming up.

Must go to work now. Have a good evening (what's left of it). ;-)

  phono 23:12 10 Jul 2005

Have you tried a system restore?

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