Windows Update Issue

  sorceror7374 10:23 08 Aug 2009

I'm running Windows XP Pro on my other PC and also have Zone Alarm Firewall and Avast Anti-Virus installed and up to date. My XP is a genuine original disc and the COA is mine and has been installed on my PC for about 9 or 10 months with no issues so no problem on that front. Windows Update is set to ask me first before downloading updates and has seemed to always work this way by showing me the details of the updates before I actually accept the download. This morning when I started up the PC I noticed that the little yellow shield appeared in the system tray but it didn't give me the bubble message asking me to initiate the update, instead it just showed progression of the % of how much of the update had been downloaded whenever I hovered my pointer over the shield. Also, it wouldn't produce a pop-up window when I right click or double click on the shield in an attempt to find out what updates specifically are being downloaded like it usually tells me. Are there certain legitimate updates that are automatic no matter what your settings are or does this sound like something nasty that is using windows update to infiltrate my PC?

  Stuartli 10:47 08 Aug 2009

It could be another program checking for updates - SUPERAntispyware, for instance, has a similar icon.

  sorceror7374 10:57 08 Aug 2009

As far as I know, no other program that I have has a similar icon to Windows update as everything I have is installed individually by myself. I don't think any other software would be able to use the Windows update system to update itself, and even if it could, it would certainly have to follow the same parameters such as asking me first to allow the download. Perhaps someone could confirm my thoughts on that?

  Sea Urchin 11:10 08 Aug 2009

Check your Automatic Updates window - it sounds as if it has changed to "Download Updates for me, but let me Choose When to Install Them".

  sorceror7374 11:51 08 Aug 2009

Setting is still definitely set as Notify me but don't automatically download or install them.

  Stuartli 12:02 08 Aug 2009

>>I don't think any other software would be able to use the Windows update system to update itself..>>

Read what I wrote again...:-)

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