Windows update installation problem

  claluc 15:16 06 Jul 2005

My PC has auto downloaded the latest Win XP update, when I try to install it the process goes to the end and a message appears reporting installation failed.
I have looked in the details but the only indication is a not better specified "problem with your computer".
My PC seems to be running as usual except for this inconvenience and other downloads from the web run smoothly as have all previous Win updates.
I have also tried it with antivirus, firewalls and anti-spyware softwares disabled but same result. Anyone got an idea?

  briggzy 20:29 06 Jul 2005

Please give more details if poss, ie which update is causing the problem?.

  claluc 22:17 06 Jul 2005

The Update is the one for Windows XP - KB898461.
The error message reports " Unable to install"

  claluc 22:23 06 Jul 2005

Just an addition, this is the update description:

Download size: 0 KB , 0 minutes (Downloaded; ready to install)
This update installs a permanent copy of Package Installer for Windows to enable software updates to have a significantly smaller download size. The Package Installer facilitates the install of software updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems and other Microsoft products. After you install this update, you may have to restart your system. Details...

And this the result:
Review Your Installation Results

The software upgrade is complete
You can now use the website to find and install the latest updates for your computer.


More high-priority updates are available
Your computer might be at risk until you install them. Check for the remaining updates and install them now.

Restart now to finish installing updates
Your computer will not be up to date until you restart it. Please save any open files, photos or documents and restart now.

Installation Summary

Successful: 0
Failed: 1
Remaining: 0


Successful Updates


Failed Updates
For help installing an update successfully, see the solution under each problem description.

Problem: End User License Agreement (EULA) Not Accepted
Solution: Check for updates again and wait while you install updates. You will be asked to accept the EULA before any updates with a EULA can be installed.

Problem: Not Enough Disk Space
Solution: To make more space available, run the Disk Cleanup tool or uninstall any programs that you don’t use. For directions, see Help and Support on your computer.

Problem: Automatic Updates is currently installing updates
Solution: Please wait until Automatic Updates is complete and then check your update history. At that time, if the update has failed to install, you can try installing it from the website.
Note: To view Automatic Updates progress, click the updating icon in your System Tray.

Problem: Please check your update history for a description.

Problem: A problem on your computer is preventing updates from being downloaded or installed
Solution: To fix the problem, try installing the updates again. If that doesn't work, use the Troubleshooter to try solve the problem.

Microsoft Corporation Windows XP family
Update for Windows XP (KB898461)


Remaining High-Priority Updates
Your computer might be at risk until you install all high-priority updates. These updates help protect against security threats and performance problems.


To review all updates you’ve installed from this website or by turning on automatic updating on your computer, see your update history.

These are all the details I can provide.

  briggzy 20:17 07 Jul 2005

Hi, here is a description of the update from microsoft "Currently, the files for the Package Installer for Windows are downloaded every time that you use the Windows Update site or Automatic Updates to update the computer. This redundant download can be avoided if the installer files are made resident on the computer, because subsequent updates can use the resident files. Software update 898461 installs the files for the Package Installer for Windows version on the computer." note that this is not a critical update and does not need installing for security purposes, also this update runs a licence validation check so if you do not have a valid copy of xp then it will fail, for more on validation check the following click here

  claluc 22:03 07 Jul 2005

Thanks briggzy,
My Win XP is an OEM original that came pre installed with the PC and has been registerd with Microsoft.
Anyhow, I will double check for any problems on that side.
Thanks very very much for your valued help, really appreciated.

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