Windows Update Failures

  williamj 10:14 25 May 2012

In automatic Windows XP the NET. Framework 3.5 updates constantly fail and try to install on every shut down. I have used the dotfix clean up program but it refuses to clear the 3.5 and 2.0 NET Framework files. However the NET Framework 4.0 programes DO Up Date. On line Computer Tips suggest deleting files in WINDOWS in (WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download and EventCache. But I am reluctant to tamper with WINDOWS files. Anyone familiar with this problem?

  john bunyan 10:54 25 May 2012

Have a look here: Old thread

  williamj 09:40 26 May 2012

John, Thanks for the "Old Thread" I have tried all of the suggestions, and like 'clock' I am just one of many with the same problem.

  Peter 10:42 26 May 2012


I had this same problem and I got round it by installing KB2518864 on its own and installing KB2572073 & KB2633880 after a reboot.


  williamj 16:07 26 May 2012

Peter, Unfortunately when I try your suggestion in 'Custom'update I am instructed that I MUST install update (KB951847)x86 before I can install any further updates, and that update refuses to install. Incidentally the updates you specify are not even on the list of updates that are available on the P.C. with the problem. But on a 2nd P.C.(With no problems) I have they are there and listed and installed.

  Peter 17:41 26 May 2012


I think the updates I specified may have been suspended at the moment. I only updated on an XP "Test" partition and although I was getting reminders on several other XP partitions, which I did not update, I am not getting any reminders at present and nothing is showing as needed using the "Custom" option.


  williamj 09:05 29 May 2012

I uninstalled .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 using dotnetfix35 Went to Add/Remove programs and checked that the update (KB951847)x86 was actually removed, and it was. Restarted the P.C. I then went to Windows Updates and started the installing of (KB951847)x86 The program downloaded but I got the advice. "Program failed to install" But on checking in Add/Remove programs .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 was actually there listed. How can I be advised that (KB951847)x86 failed to install when it actually did install? However I am still asked to install the program on every shut down and again the update fails. Wierd or what.

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