Windows update denied since SP3

  Septogenarian 14:42 08 Oct 2009

I know it's a bit late but have just installed SP3 and was surprised that I had to reactivate but, no problem, except the automatic update tab is now completely greyed out with no options and when I go to ms update manually I get denied due to network policy see your administrator. I suppose I must have done something wrong as it was fine before,
anyone point me in the right direction please ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:48 08 Oct 2009

1. you should not have had to reactivate.

2. are you an administrator on the PC?

  Septogenarian 15:40 08 Oct 2009

I know I shouldn't but I have seen previos threads on this forum saying the same so it's not unheard of. Still that isn't the problem , it has been activated , and I am the only user and have full
administrator access . I suppose as XP becomes less supported the updates will be fewer so I'm not sure
if updates are quite as essential, still I've got in the habit of regular updates so I'd like to have the option .( but I could live without them )

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:57 08 Oct 2009

Worse scenario is it is a symptom of Win32/Vundo so do a full scan with upto date Antivirus and antispyware. click here click here

It could also be BIT background intelligent transfer service switch off.

Start - Run - type
press OK

Scroll down to BIT right click BI proerties startup box set to Automatic and click on the start button close services and retry the download.

  Septogenarian 16:32 08 Oct 2009

Much obliged for that, I will certainly give it a try .Thanks very much.

  Septogenarian 16:42 08 Oct 2009

BITS comes up as automatic , full A/V scan comes up negative , I still don't understand the " network policies " problem , have I switched something off by accident ? Thanks for staying with me on this.

  ashleycardwell94 21:20 08 Oct 2009

are you using xp home or pro, i am (98% sure i can help

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