Windows Update Confusion

  Southernboy 13:31 13 Feb 2004

When I logged on yesterday, I received one of the periodic messages to the effect that there were new updates available. I always install these so, I clicked on "download". When downloaded, I clicked on install and, when complete, restarted the PC.

When the computer was restarted, I realesed that I had never actually looked at the Windows Update program, so I clicked on the program in the Start Menu. It asked me to click on SCAN FOR UPDATES, which I did. There appeared to be three sections, namely CRITICAL UPDATES & SERVICE PATCHES, WINDOWS XP and DRIVER UPDATES. The first two showed "0" as I would expect, but Drivers showed "2". This puzzled me as I thought I was always notified automatically of all updates. I did not know I was supposed to look for them. Anyway, one was from the NVIDIA Corporation dated June 2003 and one for the CXT Modem dated December 2003. I assumed I had to install them, so I did.

After restarting my PC, I found that logging on to the internet had changed. It was now slower, and all the usual dialling noises were no longer present. I assume one or both of the Driver updates has caused this, but does anyone have any ideas?

I then decided to look at Windows Update again and, out of the blue, there were now 4 Critical Updates and 17 Windows XP Updates listed! Where the Hell did these come from? There were not there 20 minutes earlier. I have installed the 4 Critical Updates, but I simply do not understand where they came from, especially as I always install such Updates when notified by Windows. I have left the 17 XP updates as I would like some advice on what has happened, here.

Thank you.

  JIM 13:51 13 Feb 2004

Update NVIDIA Corporation dated June 2003 most would leave alone after trouble with past and Nvidia driver supplied by MS updates.

The update for the CXT Modem dated December 2003 was as far as i can say was a good update but if having trouble since download with any would suggest,

1/ First Roll back the NVIDIA driver to what you were using before,via the divice manager.

2/ If still not to happy do the same with the modem driver.But as i said no problems with it myself.Every systems different.

  JIM 14:00 13 Feb 2004

just been to the Windows update site and the one that was from the NVIDIA Corporation dated June 2003 that you mention appears to have changed too,

NVIDIA display software update released on October 06 2003.

Someones in a TIME warp. Is it me?

  DieSse 14:09 13 Feb 2004

Only Critical updates are notified automatically - not the others.

The Connexant drver update you must be careful with - my Connexant based modem disliked it intensely - so, as suggested above, roll back to the previous driver.

NVidia update sare better obtained from the nVidia site - they tend to be more fullt featured, and more up to date.

There have been a spate of recent Crtical updates - so it can sometimes happen than new ones appear suddenly. It can also happen that some updates are not applicable unless you've installed earler ones - hence you install the earlier ones, then the later ones appear. That's to stop them being installed in the wrong order.

  blanco 17:12 13 Feb 2004

I agree it's better to ignore the nVidia driver prompts from the Windows Update site.
I mistakenly did this recently when I installed a new graphics card and immediately after went to the nVidia site whose latest update was dated Dec 03. Downloaded this and now again get Windows asking me to 'update' with their older version.

  Southernboy 13:57 20 Feb 2004

How do I find Device Manager with XP?

How do I "roll back" the updates?

Thank you.

  JIM 14:08 20 Feb 2004

GO start,right hand click my computer,select properties,click hardware tab,select Device manager.

Or start,control panel,open up system if in classic view and hit the hardware tab for Device Manager.

  JIM 14:22 20 Feb 2004

when in device manager select the item you require. "Example" (click + next to display adapter,when open,click on properties,Hit driver Tab select roll back)----Make sure you have the right device for rolling back you want!!!

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