Windows Update & AVG Anti-Virus & Lost Restore Pts

  flumps 23:35 22 Aug 2010


Need lots of help would be very grateful for any advice and support you could all offer… I am literally tearing my hair out now; I’ve tried Googling for help countless times too and getting nowhere… Long post sorry.

I will start at the beginning so you get a better picture of my problem.

I have a desktop PC which is running Windows XP Home Edition and I have a 56K modem - BT dialup (I know I should really switch to broadband).

On trying to get my PC to run faster I deleted some programs but in doing so I deleted files that I shouldn’t have and made a bit of a balls-up. So using my restore CDs I reinstalled Windows XP which includes service pack 1. I have service pack 2 on CD so installing that was no problem too. With a little help from BT support I also set up a manual internet connection. So far so good.

I then spent the best part of a week slowly downloading all the windows security/software updates/SP3 etc.

Finally downloaded everything and all was running well and I decided to then install the latest AVG free Anti Virus software and this is when things went wrong.

During download the process was terminated and I was unable to install the AVG free Anti Virus software, tired retry and the error message tells me there is now no detectable internet connection. Checked connection and the modem and this is not correct.

On checking my Security Center I get the message the security centre is unavailable because is was not started or stopped, I have used services.msc to start the Security Center but on trying to access Windows Update my IE won’t display the page I just get the error message the page is unavailable possibly due to connection problems. Again checked this and my internet connection and modem are working fine and I can access all other sites including this one.

On restarting the PC, Security Center just after start up is disabled again.

Thought possibly something went wrong during the download/installation of either a security update or AVG download and system restore would be the solution only to discover all restore points have disappeared too.

I have also noticed that on my exceptions tab in Windows Firewall there is now a program/service called dqluupm ?? I have no idea what this and when it was added.

Now this has happened to me three times over the last 3 weeks… I started from scratch each time with my restore CDs only to get to this point and it all going wrong. As you can imagine with a dial-up connection the thought of having to go through all of the above and more once again is making me feel very desperate.

Can anyone help me fix this without having to start from scratch, or of I do need to start from scratch again where am I going wrong/what is going wrong and how can I prevent this from happening.

If you need any further information feel free to ask. I am fairly competent with using my PC and programs but not an advanced user.

Please please please help!

Many thanks in advance.

  gengiscant 08:39 23 Aug 2010

You are causing your self so many problems plus extra work and of course time by being on a dial up.
Unfortunately it may well be necessary to start again but this time being a little better prepared.

Do you have access to a PC which has a broadband connection? If so use this site to download and burn to cd SP3 + many of the updates issued this here
Also download your AVG and with any other software you use,stick it on a USB stick. You can make life easier for yourself by using this here

You mention your restore disks and problems you are having, cd's do not last for ever and if damage/corruption has occured could be the reason for your problems.

  northumbria61 11:16 23 Aug 2010

I don't know what your circumstances are but I am of the same opinion as "gengiscant" with regards to "dial-up". There are some very reasonably priced "Broadband Packages" about these days which you should consider. Life will be a lot easier with Broadband and within a very short time you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

You are already with BT - there is a current offer of £6.99 (for first 3 months) then £13.99 after that. - View details here - but offer due to end soon. (This is advice only - I am in no way connected to BT - But I do have BT Total Braodband myself) click here

  flumps 19:53 23 Aug 2010

Thanks for the replies... yes you are right I should switch to broadband initially it was because of cost but thats not an excuse any more.

I do have access to broadband at work so I could download SP3 (didn't realise this) and AVG plus other programs to a USB stick would this solve the problems?

I just can't understand why I can no loger access the windows update site any more and where all my restore points have gone to?

Any ideas?

Thank you for the links too.

  flumps 19:57 23 Aug 2010

Sorry forgot to add the restore CDs themsleves worked fine it was just when updating everything through the internet that things went wrong.

Just to clear up any confusion it's the restore points in system restore that have vanished into thin air, I have def' not deleted them myself.

  gengiscant 08:58 24 Aug 2010

Cost these days is no reason not to have broadband,next you will be saying you have a man with a red flag who walks in front of your car.LOL

I have no experience of restore disks, but I am wondering if you could perhaps go the route of a borrowed XP disk, I am assuming you you have a COA for your XP. It would mean a bit more work as you would need all the drivers for your PC, chip-set, graphics etc. Though I would imagine, if you have had the PC for a while then most of the drivers on the disk will be out of date.
Hopefully a totally clean install will solve your problems.
As I said earlier,download as much as you can before you start.

  flumps 19:27 08 Sep 2010

Just to close this thread and for everyone who may come across this porblem...

I had Conficker virus on my computer. When reinstalling software I left my virus protection as the last thing to do when really it should have been one of the first!! Although I never did much on the internet except come here and use windows update somehow my PC was hit.

Used Conficker removal tool... problem solved and I have been able to access Windows Update, Windows Security Center is enabled again and I can access all other security sites such as Zone Alarm, AVG... that it was blocking.

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