windows update

  User-7B915308-8AD8-4BE0-8420DCEE7E605148 13:33 05 Mar 2003

Errmm...hello,its me again!,i forgot to mention that i cant get windows update to work.It comes up saying that it was incomplete.I am on xp home edition.thx again

  rct 16:15 05 Mar 2003

Contol Panel>Internet Options "Delete Files"

Tick "Delete All Offline Content"


Then try Windows Update again.

Hope this works for you.

thanks for your quick response,I tried that and i thought it had worked until i had a adminastrive problem,i tried what it said with no luck,It asked me to put a password in,But i cant remember it!.arrghhh.Any ideas who i shud contact.sorry about this.thx

  rct 21:11 05 Mar 2003

Your aministrator password may be just a blank i.e. just press enter or it may set to admin.

If not:

click here

and once you have got the password right, follow my steps again.

Good luck ;-)

Tried to get windows update and got a message....'Your current security settings prohibit running active x controls on this page,As a result the page may not be displayed properly'....Any help?...

  rct 12:20 21 Apr 2003

Control Panel> Internet Options "Security" Then click "Custom" Then Reset to "Medium" Then Click "Reset". Try the steps again... if it still doesn't work try, Medium-Low. Hope that this works out! ;-)

  powerless 14:57 21 Apr 2003
  hoverman 15:09 21 Apr 2003

If and when you get Windows Update to work DO NOT install critical update Q811493 click here

Thanks rct,didnt work at first,so i 'asked for a prompt' for the active x boxes that were marked as 'disable'..went to w/update and it disappeared to be replaced with security box which i said yes far so good..BUT!(arghh) it came up that i wasnt the sole administrator,i've forgotten my password,i've left it blank ,left caps on,then off but nowt :( .I am on xp home ed, use a firewall(zonelabs free download)and norton anti-virus.i posted this on the 05/03/03 to which you responded,but it was all double dutch to me(der!)and thought 'the little you know,the dangerous it can be' motto.if there is any other way of resetting my password,or indeed clearin this up,i'd appreciate it(ps i dont have the Q811493 update)thanks for your help in advance.

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