windows update

  troika 16:39 18 Jan 2003
  troika 16:39 18 Jan 2003

windows automatic update seems to have stopped working!

it scans my computer (windows xp) up to 100% then states that there are no updates available and to try again later.

There always used to be updates available!

I mentioned it to a mate and he is having the same thing happen

any thoughts?

  acfc 17:18 18 Jan 2003

Is the date set correctly on your PC? I'm not sure if XP is the same as ME which I have, but Windows Update reported no updates available on when my date was set for 2002 rather than 2003.

I reset the date and was given a long list of updates!

  Forum Editor 17:28 18 Jan 2003

There aren't always updates - they'll get less frequent as WinXP matures.

  troika 17:49 18 Jan 2003

thanks acfc

i had reset the year on my computer to 2001 to solve a software problem and forgotten to switch it back!

update now working ok

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