Windows update

  Davella 11:46 10 Jul 2008

It appears that the latest Windows update is causing problems. In my case it was my firewall (Zonealarm). Theres a work around on Zonealarms site. click here
Hope this helps.

  Procrastinus 12:48 10 Jul 2008

Thank you Davella, fixed the problem for me.

  GBL 13:01 10 Jul 2008

Thanks it seems to have worked for me too, but will tell later in the day as that is when I had the most problems, but alot quicker now.

  Damarc 13:02 10 Jul 2008

With no internet access I didn't know what to do so first of all contacted Virginmedia in case it was their fault. They knew of the problem and told me to ring Microsoft. I asked if I should uninstall the rogue security update and was told under no circumstances to do so because it could completely crash the system. So I went onto Microsoft who told me to uninstall and reinstall ZoneAlarm and again I shouldn't uninstall their security update - naturally they would say that, but that was two against one so decided to uninstall Zonealarm to find that my original disk now wouldn't work for reinstalling so am without a security suite at the moment aaaggghhh. I have found quite a few nit picking glitches with Zonealarm [like anti-virus turning itself off and me having to reset the whole programme again to avoid continual security alert popups] so have now opted to buy Norton's version. Can anyone tell me if an OEM software disk has a shelf life??? It just wouldn't read but other disks did so I knew it wasn't the drive.

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