windows uninstall /re- install

  Daiol 17:59 13 Jul 2006

My windows xo pro is an illegal copy,Now i have gained a microsoft windows xp pro disc with oem number.Now what i would like to know is,how much of a job is it gonna be for me to uninstall the existing illegal copy and install the new genuine one is it going to be very difficult as im not up to speed with anything complicated regarding computers or would it be best for me to take it to a pc engineer?.What would be the best to do.?.

  Batch 18:07 13 Jul 2006

Is it possible to use the key from the legal version to activate the already installed version? Would be a lot less hassle.

Hopefully someone here can say if this is possible.

  No idea 19:17 13 Jul 2006

Backup and burn all your important docs, pics and programs. restart computer, boot into the Bios , on the boot option chose your cd drive as the 1st option load your legal xp into drive . save and exit usually F10 button on keyboard.follow instuctions to reformat your drive and do a clean install, thats what I would do.

  ArrGee 19:25 13 Jul 2006

Sounds like a good idea 'No Idea', but not what I have found that works all the time. Best to completely reformat using DBAN, free download if you click here

From there (using DBAN), I would create a bootable cd/floppy, completely remove ALL information from the drive (after you have backed-up important data), then install a fresh copy of XP.

I do this on a fairly regular basis (at least once a week) for a number of people, and it has always worked 100%.

  De Nada 19:39 13 Jul 2006

i had exactly the same problem (illegal xp-pro)when i paid microsoft for the legal copy they sent me an email with my new number and a link to check if it was possible to update the xp-pro that was already installed,it was, and i was able to get legal there and then,and about ten days later i received my windows disk.

  Nortius Maximus 19:45 13 Jul 2006

There is an application called something like the "Magic Jellybean" may ley you change the reg number without any further activuty required.

You try Googling for it or wait until someone puts a link on here.

In the absence of that if you run a repair-installation you are required to enter the code again anyway, so that will solve your problem.

click here

The repair installation shouldn't erase or damage any existing files - but it's good idea to make backups of anything vital, just in case.

  sputnick 19:46 13 Jul 2006

I would not recommend trying to use the product key with an illegal copy, first I don`t think it will accept it and secondly I had an illegal copy of XP pro with xp2 and if I tried to use Microsoft Updates the system would crash.
No problem with the genuine copy.
As said by others it is best to backup your data or copy important stuff and re-format hard drive and do a fresh install of XP. It could take a while to format depending on the size of hard drive.And you will need to install all your programs again. I found that it was unnecessary to install all hardware drivers as XP has a large set of drivers anyway. Unless you possitively need a program that comes with your hardware ie. printers, scanners,monitors etc.see if they work ok with XP first. It may save hard drive space if they are not needed.
Go to Microsoft site below and read perform clean install.
click here

  Daiol 21:18 13 Jul 2006

Hi,Thanks for all that info seems loke a major job to me,Anyone want to purchase a windows xp pro disc?.

  SANTOS7 21:27 13 Jul 2006

click here
for a clean install follow instructions in link there are screen images to follow as well, makes it all quite simple,good luck...

  Daiol 10:21 16 Jul 2006

Hi,Many thanks for your support,You mentioned that you did it through microsoft was that complicated or quite simple?,Would it be possible for you to give me all the info that you have regarding this method if you would be so kind.Thankyou very much in advance.
ps.How does one enter a link to another site etc.on this msg page i see that you have 'click here' how?????.Tanx.

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