Windows on two drives

  Skippy88 15:29 04 Dec 2005

Can anyone give advice?

I have just installed a second hard drive. One drive is an IDE drive the other is a SATA drive. I have copied the contents of the first drive to the second therefore I have two drives with Windows and programs installed.

This is due to an earlier complete hard drive failure where I lost everything!

Basically what I want is to have windows and some basic programs ready on both drives in case of disasters, but from now on I want to install programs on the first drive and save files on the other.

Problem is this - when I reboot the PC it goes into DOS and asks whish version of Windows I want to load, they both show as WINDOWS (DEFAULT).

How can I stop it asking me to choose and just boot from C: ??

  Sharpamatt 15:49 04 Dec 2005

Why not reformat the second drive and then make a disc image backup on it. useing any of the well known backups.

by just copying the drive you now know the problems, if you have either CD or DVD burner you could also make an image to that, in event of any failour

  spacerunneruk 15:52 04 Dec 2005

maybe your problem is due to "master and slave" jumper settings. late hd's come with a special cable which auto detects master and slave settings. I have also instaloled a second (now master drive) on my PC, and, like you would like the smaller,older drive to be the boot up drive, and, if possible to have a virgin copy of WinXP on it. Anyone help please?

  Skippy88 16:50 04 Dec 2005

Sharpamatt I would do that if I could but can't format second drive as it has windows on it and can;t get it to format. Every time I plug it in it renames itself C:

  Sharpamatt 07:58 05 Dec 2005

Make you image file first on a CD/DVD, there are many prigrams that will allow you to reformat your second drive.

You may also find this possable useing your XP disc, others may confirm and offer suggestions as to program types that will allow this

If you are going to use your original HD as secondary ensure you do not have system recovery information hidden in it.

  Chegs ®™ 09:30 05 Dec 2005

If the second windows is a copy of the 1st which was on IDE,the second windows shouldn't boot as it has no SATA driver installed(I have encountered this problem on my system)My imaged install on SATA gets to the Win Login screen but then stops and goes no further.I would 1st make sure that you can actually get the SATA version to fully boot before trying to do anything about it.

  Skippy88 18:52 05 Dec 2005

I have managed to format the second drive by using the Windows XP disc, booted to that and formatted the drive. Drive 1 now boots its windows as normal and the second drive is just going to have files stored on it instead of a fully working operating system.

That'll teach me to try and be clever! Thanks for the help and suggestions folks.

  Sharpamatt 08:17 06 Dec 2005

Dont forget to tick this as resolved

  Skippy88 20:01 06 Dec 2005

Will do thanks again

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