Windows temp folder(Help please)

  caddie 14:52 16 Oct 2004

My windows temp folder keeps filling up about 4 files every minute.Last night i deleted over 30,000of these files. I have checked for viruses which is okay, I have run spy-bot and Adaware, I have defraged the system but to no avail, they just keep coming back. There is no size to these files but they slow down my PC.
My OS is windows ME.
Can anyone suggest anything else i can try.

  Neutered 15:13 16 Oct 2004

I have never used Windows ME. In order to get rid of temp files I have gone to Programs, Accessories, System Tools and selected Disk Cleanup. This will scan your C drive and give you options to delete files. It will get rid of your temp files but not cookies. Hope this helps!

  caddie 15:24 16 Oct 2004

i have done this but still these files keep coming back at the rate of 4 per min.
E.g wk_7140.tmp

  stalion 16:18 16 Oct 2004

I am not an expert but try a scan with this it finds things other scans miss
click here

  Diemmess 16:39 16 Oct 2004

Have a look in msconfig for weird entries in the Startup section. The probability is that much of the contents can be unticked, and you may spot an unknown short named exe file which would indicate

  Diemmess 16:42 16 Oct 2004

To finish anyway - - - could indicate a viral nuisance.

Can you find any sign of the source of these temp files by opening one in say Wordpad? Usually a load of hieroglphs, but sometime a few words of plain text, will suggest which application all this is coming from.

  Jackcoms 17:09 16 Oct 2004

Try this click here

You can safely delete everything that it finds when you run 'Issues'

  feb 17:14 16 Oct 2004

It seems to me that caddie's problem is not the deletion of the temp files but stopping them in the first place!

Do you have AV?
Have you tried Ad-aware & Spybot S&D?

  stalion 17:22 16 Oct 2004

done at beggining of post

  Jackcoms 17:22 16 Oct 2004


"Have you tried Ad-aware & Spybot S&D?"

caddie said he'd run them in his original post

  feb 17:29 16 Oct 2004

I know, caddie's also got AV but it puts the thread into my postings and the first line of my post still stands!

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