Windows temp folder

  JOHN F K 15:39 23 Aug 2006

When I start my PC, it now always comes up with the blue disk checking window, and if I let the disk check happen it gets to 96% and then stops and gives me a list of files in Windows/temp which have errors, the most common of which is "invalid time stamp", the others being mainly gobbledygook. I have tried to delete all the files in the temp folder, but it won't let me. I did have some kind of infection in the machine which was opening multiple windows of everything, but I think I've cured that.
If I skip the disk checking the PC starts up relatively normally. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of these files? Or do I have to reinstall Windows XP Home (a Windows repair stops at 96% also)?

  Sethhaniel 16:09 23 Aug 2006

try ccleaner to see if that will get them also

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