Windows still wont start !!!!1

  BEARBEE 18:27 22 Jul 2008

Please first see this earlier thread for background etc. click here

OK, we changed the ide cables and the CMOS battery and all seemed ok, when we booted up it started to do a chkdsk so I posted back saying all was well because that was as far as it had gone since I had it. However, Ileft it to do the chkdsk and I went back to the PC about half hour later and when I tried it we are back to square one.

Next I booted up again into the BIOS, and followed this path - Advaced Tab--> SMBIOS Event Log--> View DMI event log, when I viewed the log it had 5 instances of the following message [b] CMOS battery failure[/b], I again rebooted and noted that there were this time 2 bleeps from the MOBO but the text on the bbot screen said [b]CMOS battery low[/b]. So something is drining the CMOS batterys, what is doing this and how do I solve it, the only thing I can think of is that it needs a new power unit - any ideas on this ?

  Pamy 18:42 22 Jul 2008

if it says the CMOS battery is low, then I would once more replace the battery, power supply is nothing to do with battery.

  BEARBEE 18:52 22 Jul 2008

Pamy - Ive changed the CMOS battery twice now in the last day so as to make sure this was not the problem. Power supply can indirectly be to do with the battery, it may be that someone has changed the battery source jumper from default or onboard to external which would mean it was looking for an external power supply or a supply other than the CMOS battery.
I may have to check the jumper settings but I'm unsure of these without the MOBO manual, I will try to locate the manual but in the meantime can someone offer help ?

  MsTechie 18:54 22 Jul 2008

CMOS batteries should last for years, its very unlikely you had a dud batch of batteries although not impossible, try 'Clearing the CMOS' on the motherboard just incase it is sending out false messages.

  BEARBEE 19:00 22 Jul 2008

Hi MsTechie, forgive me but how can I clear the CMOS please ?

  MsTechie 19:07 22 Jul 2008

On the motherboard there are a series of pins, I cant tell you exactly where because all M/Bs are different but it is usually situated near the CMOS battery, if you look carefully you should see the words 'clear cmos' remove the plastic bit covering the pins and either touch the pins with a screw driver or put the plastic bit on one pin only, then replace it in its original position.
Some cmos pins come without the plastic piece covering them so just use the screw driver

  BEARBEE 19:11 22 Jul 2008

Gotya, I can see it, ther is also a safe mode one as well, is it worth using the same operation on that one as well as it will not boot to safe mode ?
Now I assume I turn the PC off before performing the above operation right ?

  MsTechie 19:18 22 Jul 2008

Yes the PC must be turned off first, when it comes to PC repair I prefer one thing at a time, see what happens when you clear the cmos first, then use the 'safe mode' jumper.

  BEARBEE 19:30 22 Jul 2008

Ok, we cleared the CMOS and tried again, now we get 2 beeps when we restart, we then get a screen that says 'Press F2 to Run SETUP - when we do this it takes us back to the BIOS, the other option is 'Press F1 to load default values and continue' - when we do this it takes us to the Windows XP start screen with the blue bar on the bottom and the next screen is the blank screen again !!!!!!

I did however notice on the screen with the F1 and F2 options it did also say 'CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad' - this must be significant - does it help us any ?

  MsTechie 19:37 22 Jul 2008

It says Checksum bad because you are using default settings i.e the date and time need altering plus other things like boot order etc, you can always change this later.
Press F8 on start up and see if you can get to the 'start up menu' if you can then choose 'enable VGA mode'
If F8 doesnt do anything then change the safe mode jumper on the motherboard as you did with the clear CMOS and try F8 again, again make sure its turned off

  BEARBEE 20:17 22 Jul 2008

I tried to boot to F8 Safe Mode, however F8 was to select boot device on this system.
So reboot again, this time screen says CMOS Battery Low, we get into BIOS and I looked for the option you said enable VGA, first of all though I viewed the event log again, and this time instead of CMOS Battery Failure it said CMOS Checksum Error.
Couldnt find exact same heading as you said but I did find these options 'Initialize VGA BIOS By S3' the options under this setting were Disabled and Enabled. Also I saw the option under Plug and Play Configuration 'VGA Boot From', the options were - Internal, External AGP, External PCI and Auto. Please advise !

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