windows sticks at welcome screen for ages

  sputnick 20:56 03 Mar 2009

I have recently fitted a new mobo and cpu.
Did a clean windows install.
Then tried to fit IDE to sata adaptors,they didnt seem to work.tried many configs in bios.
Lost boot drive.
Did a windows recovery as could no get restore.
Since then the screen sticks at welcome for about 5 minutes then goes to wallpaper and then nothing.Does not build window icons just wallpaper, no start button or anything.
Have to restart with PC button.
Did another repair, goes into windows first time then when it reboots same problem.
Now using one hard drive and one DVD drive.
I used to use two HDDs and two DVDs.
Took out everything recently installed like a raid card supposed to give me extra IDEs.
Then used IDE to sata dongles but had no luck.

  sputnick 21:02 03 Mar 2009

Sorry,meant Sata to IDE adaptors.
Only using Single IDE with drives as Master and slave.
At least it boots but no further than welcom screen.
Asus M3N78 pro mobo

  sputnick 22:10 03 Mar 2009

Since last post I found if I left it at the background it eventually displayed correctly but it took 10 minutes.
I did a selective startup in msconfig and it worked ok in each selection except for Load System services, Does this narrow it down a bit.

  CalmCookie 23:06 03 Mar 2009

Just quering your:
Did a clean windows install.
Then tried to fit IDE to sata adaptors,they didnt seem to work.tried many configs in bios.
Lost boot drive.

Your post appears a bit confusing.
Is your main hard drive a SATA hard drive? and why would you want to fit sata to ide adaptors when you have 6 sata ports on that motherboard?
Or have you got an IDE hard drive and DVD ROM sharing the same IDE cable?


  sputnick 08:02 04 Mar 2009

Sorry if it was confusing, I was very tired when I posted last night.
I have 2 IDE HDDs on single IDE port, 2 IDE DVDs that I wanted to connect to 2 sata pots via IDE dongle.I had DVDs set up as master each as per instructions.
Bios found all drives but windows did not find DVDs.

  sputnick 11:51 04 Mar 2009

Right, I`ve done another format and clean install.
PC seems to be working now but can only access 1 HDD and 1 DVDdrive connected to IDE single connector. Cannot see the other DVD drive connected to sata port with Sata to IDE dongle.
Perhaps they are not that good. I`ve just bought 2 from USBnow.
When using the sata ports can they be laft in IDE mode? I don`t have to make them into Raid do I.
All I want now is to put my 2 HHHs in ide port and 2 DVD drives on the sata ports but it dos`nt want to work.

  CalmCookie 12:26 04 Mar 2009

Please can you suppy the make and model of your new motherboard?

  sputnick 12:28 04 Mar 2009

Asus M3N78 Pro, Amd dual core AM2 6000,2Gb ram.

  CalmCookie 22:28 04 Mar 2009

Have you been into the BIOS...In ADVANCED then into ONBOARD DEVICE CONFIGURATION..then highlight and ENTER into IDE FUNCTION SETUP..make sure the SATA CONTROLLER is [ENABLED]...
then go back 1 stage by pressing ESC to the ONBOARD DEVICE CONFIG and highlight MCP STORAGE CONFIG and ENTER and make sure the SATA OPERATION MODE is [IDE]

PRESS F10 key and accept changes which reboots...hopefully your drives will show.


  sputnick 08:46 05 Mar 2009

Thankd for reply Calmcookie,
Check bios settings and all as you suggested.
I`m still not happy with the adaptors.
As soon as I connect sata lead and power to device the system takes ages to boot and cant get into bios.
This is with the device connected to sata port and power but not even plugged into Drives.
I`ve tried with another formated HDD with data in and still wont work.
I`m about to get a PCI Ide card (not raid) from Maplins so I can use all drives hopefully.
Perhaps the sata ports will only work with a dedicated sata drive which I dont have.
Pity the mobo did not come with 2 IDE sockets.


  sputnick 14:47 05 Mar 2009

I`ve fitted a PCI to Ide card (not raid) and all works well.
Have 2 HDDs on motherboard IDE port and 2 DVD drives on PCI card.
Having spoken to a Maplins manager he told me they have various problems with sata adaptors.
I`ll stay with what I`ve got now until such time as I change to a Sata device.
I wish I`d gone down that route in the first place,too many suggestions re, adaptors.

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