Windows Startup Suffer Major Slowing Down!!!!!!!

  szk2003 01:30 24 Mar 2003

right i using WindowsXP and recently it just started to slow right down when i turn my computer on. it doesn't happen all the time but lets say it happen every 3 startups.

i have norton systemworks installed so i use its Speed Disk to Defrag my hard drive, usually about once a month. but recently i need to defrag it every three days, i think this is the problem why my computer starts so slow some times. has any one had this problem before?

  howard60 06:28 24 Mar 2003

run - msconfig [type it into the command line and press enter] - go to the top right tab [startup] and in the drop down list you will see a lot of progs that could run at startup. click in the box to take the tick out of everything other than your virus checker and firewall if you have one. Also leave the tick in any other prog you want to run at startup. Restart and see if this sorts it out. My experience is that Norton often seems to give this form of trouble with xp. Once you have it started put a tick in the warning box that comes up on starting to warn you that you are fiddling with the startup.

  Andsome 08:34 24 Mar 2003

As yet I have no slow start up problem, but it certainly is of course a lot slower than when it was new, before I loaded all my programs. If I do as you suggest, can it cause any problems? Will a program that I want to use, eg Microsoft Office open up quickly when I click onto it? What is this warning box that you are talking about? I am sure that there are many users who would like to speed things up a bit, but are wary. Can you reassure us?

  szk2003 11:22 24 Mar 2003

i don't think it's the programs that are slowing it down, everything is fine after loged on. but before that when the computer loads up, it sometimes slow, but not all the time. jus like now when i start up. it's nice and quick.

  hugh-265156 12:07 24 Mar 2003

szk2003 and Andsome having antivirus and firewall start with windows can be useful say but do you need realplayer or msn etc starting with windows?when you click to start them they will start just the same.i doubt any harm will be done by disabling at startup and if you get a problem with any particular program just put the tick back.the warning box after you reboot just states what you already know you have changed the way windows starts just tick dont show again.instead of using msconfig to disable startup have a look at what is starting and check in the programs own options first and see if there is a start with windows option.

  Andsome 10:46 25 Mar 2003


  hugh-265156 00:15 28 Mar 2003

dont forget to tick resolved if ya sorted.

  szk2003 00:30 28 Mar 2003

well the problem still remains. but what i'm trying to say is that the problem in not within start up, is when the computer boots up. everything after logging on is fine, but that time it takes to boot up sometimes it just out of the question.

  hugh-265156 00:51 28 Mar 2003

systemworks i think is the problem.

  hugh-265156 01:33 28 Mar 2003

i dont use systemworks but does it start with windows if so disable.

  szk2003 02:45 28 Mar 2003

i'm connected to boardband, and i should really have antivirus turn on, and systemworks and antivirus are connected, so i don't really want to disable it. but systemworks shouldn't cos that much of a problem, should it?

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