Windows sounds will not play

  lester1 00:04 13 Sep 2005

Booting up, shutdown and e-mail recieved sounds will not play.

Other software sounds ie MS money will.CD DVD playback is fine. Whats wrong they all play during
testing with control pannel

  johnnyrocker 00:05 13 Sep 2005

not very much to go on guv, care to expand a bit.


  lester1 00:18 13 Sep 2005

Don't think I can did a system restore just after finding the problem and everything was fine.The problem reoccured and I have tried restore points to solve the problem with no success.

I did have an issue with the system builder about on-board sound and insisted he installed a PCI sound card ( Blaster live) which did not work very well. I have a MSI NEO2 Platinum board if that is any help

  ened 06:34 13 Sep 2005

I don't know if this is relevant in your case, but I have found that changing the sound in RealPlayer affects the system sound.
Sometimes when I mute it I lose all sound and the only way I have been able to get it back has been with System Restore.

I have never got to the bottom of it just worked around it.

  lester1 00:57 19 Sep 2005


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