Windows sound recorder will not record beyond 60se

  Severn Bore 19:15 14 Mar 2004

I am sure there is a simple answer to this, but I have been unable to find one! I have been trying to record some music from a friend's CD onto her PC.However, the Windows Sound Recorder will not record more than 60 seconds of music. On my Win 98 PC I have no problem with recording longer pieces using sound recorder.
Having delved into Tools and Options - and anywhere else I can think of - I have drawn a blank.
Any ideas would be most welcome.
Severn Bore

  Diodorus Siculus 19:22 14 Mar 2004

Windows sound recorder only does 60 secs.

HAve a look at Audacity 1.2 from - it is excellent and free.

  night flyer 19:24 14 Mar 2004

Have a look here. click here

  Severn Bore 21:05 14 Mar 2004

Thanks to Diodorus Suculus and Night Flyer. Although Night Flyer has pointed me to a workaround, it is very cumbersome and one would have expected Microsoft to provide a much more straightforward solution. Especially as Win XP was supposed to be rather more friendly and entertainment orientated.
I already have Audacity and tried recording via this, but could not get satisfactory sound levels. However, I will have another try as I do use Audacity very successfully for editing music to specific lenghts and for creating MP3 files.

  daba 21:18 14 Mar 2004


  Tim1964 21:25 14 Mar 2004

Yes daba it does.

I convert all my .ogg and most mp3s and CDs of course to .wma files at 80bps as it keeps the file sizes down.

  Severn Bore 09:21 15 Mar 2004

Thanks for the tip about WMA. I am not really familiar with it due to lack of use- although have ver 7 on my PC. I did find I could copy tracks from the CD onto the hard drive, but this happened in the native file format for the CD. Audacity id not recognise the file type. However, I will explore further in view of your advice that it is possible to save in both OGG and MP3.
Thanks again

  pj123 14:49 15 Mar 2004

Download JetAudio (free) from click here

  Severn Bore 19:42 15 Mar 2004

Hi PJ123
Thanks for the link. I will have a look, but have now found CDEx click here
which provides a means of ripping CDs in various file types from WAV to Ogg

  Diodorus Siculus 21:26 15 Mar 2004

Severn Bore - you should have said that you were after a CD ripper! Audiograbber is now available as freeware and is excellent.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:27 15 Mar 2004

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