windows snip tool

  MJS WARLORD 11:05 30 Aug 2014

when i use the snip tool for the first time of the day i get a message to say it is unavailable , if i close the message box and try a second time it opens up ok. this has only started happening in the last few days, does anyone hnow why.

  northumbria61 12:01 30 Aug 2014

It could be slow to open - see Snipping Tool-slow

  MJS WARLORD 13:48 30 Aug 2014

update........ i used turn on / off feature in windows but this did not work , the program is still unusable on first use attempt. so i still have to close the error report and re open the app to make it work.

  MJS WARLORD 20:48 26 Nov 2014

This thread was posted by me 4 months ago but I have finally figured out what caused the problem so would like to add the following for the benefit of others.

I recently re-booted my pc to factory settings using the recovery discs. My first job was to install all windows updates , when I started this the snip tool worked perfect first time.

After about 200 of 450 assorted updates the snip tool started acting up as described in my first post.

With so many patches downloaded it will be almost impossible to trace the one that caused the problem BUT at least I know why it happened .

Pc mags says some updates cause odd things to happen. By the way I use vista .

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