Windows slow, CPU temp rises from 35 to 52

  underworldmagic 09:54 12 May 2004


i am having a problem with windows. i can use the computer fine for some time, but then when i go to click my computer it takes upto 10 seconds for the window to fully load, the same thing happens when i am going through my folders, or opening programs...everything starts running slowly.

when it is running slowly, the CPU temperature rises from 35 to 52 therfore there is more strain on the CPU. what is causing this?

when i log out of windows and leave the computer on the login screen, the temperature gradually falls. then when i login its all ok again.

i have formatted, and reinstalled windows on my system, but this has not helped.

im using

XP professional
P4 3.2GhZ 800FSB
ASUS P43200 E-Deluxe
512 PC3200 DDR RAM
Sapphire Radeon All In Wonder 9800 Pro

i have an upto date virus scanner, and firewall Norton Internet Security Suite 2004 (it cant be this causing the slowness, because i just got this recently...the computer still had the same problem before i purchased this)

does anyone know how to resolve this?

thank you


  Rigga 10:18 12 May 2004

Open Task Manager, Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Look under Processes tab, reverse sort CPU usage, (Double click the CPU heading).

It should show what's using the CPU. (the top one should almost always be system idle process, unless another program is heavily using the CPU).

Make a note of the task and report back.


  underworldmagic 15:46 12 May 2004

thanks for the reply,

here is the information i got, when the computer is working good the system idle process was 97

here is the information when the computer starts running slowly, and the CPU temperature goes to 50C

System Idle Process: 19
System: 30
Explorer: 50

do you know what the probem is?

you help will be very appreciated, and of great help

  Rigga 16:31 12 May 2004

Firstly I've just noticed that you don't mention that you have the XP service Pack 1 installed. Not having SP1 has been known to cause explorer to consume CPU.. see click here;en-us;317751

If you have SP1. Is it system or system.exe?
If just system, then that's fine.

What applications do you have running at the same time?

Is there any disk access? (Noisy disk drives etc.. )

Not sure why Explorer should be taking 50% CPU..

Another thing try running SCANDISK, to see if ur HD has any bad sectors.

Other than that I'm a bit bemused as to why explorer would be taing so much CPU..


  underworldmagic 13:48 13 May 2004

there was no effect of running disk defrag, it is still happening, do you have any other ideas?

i dont run any applications when this happens, all thats running is windows, and the firewall and virus scanner (norton internet security suite 2004) - the notron program cant be the problem because i was having the problem befre i installed it as well.

any ideas?

  underworldmagic 13:50 13 May 2004

i forgot to answer your other questions

i have a hard drive of Western Digital 250GB SATA150 there is no drive access noise, it is very quite.

i have service pack 1 installed (this allows windows to recognise the full 250GB)

  Rigga 14:14 13 May 2004

sorry not defrag, from a DOS prompt run 'chkdsk C: /F' without the quotes.. that should check for bad sectors..

Also you never said if the process running was system.exe or just system..

Also update IE to the latest version....

and check ur system for spyware.. using SpyBot..

If that doesn't work.. then I'm a bit stumped..

Anyone any other Ideas?


  underworldmagic 18:58 13 May 2004

there are no bad sectors found,

the process running was just System,

IE has been updated,

i have searched for spyware, there is nothing found, also checked with my updated virus scanner...nothing found...

i simply dont know whats causing this, i use peer to peer sharing programs...could they be the cause?

  ThePharcyde007 20:22 13 May 2004

as 52 is well within tollerance, what is the load after playing games?

I am using a 3.4/800 P4 just looked and mine is 31'c, but after I play games, it raises to 45-50'c so completely fine.

What voltage are you running the CPU at? 1.55V is stock

  underworldmagic 21:22 13 May 2004

when playing games the temperature goes to about 45C but the problem with my system happens when im just going through my hard drive files. i have no applications open, im just browsing through my files...and all of a sudden everything starts going slow and i see the temperature reading going up for no reason at all.

what do you think the reason for this is?

i dont know about the voltage of the CPU, how would i check? i have not overclocked anything.

  ThePharcyde007 21:47 13 May 2004

go into BIOS it will be in their, im sure it is correct though

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