Windows Shutdown Problem

  prawny 15:12 16 May 2003

Hello there, this is my first time here, and i'm really impressed.

Anyway, i have a problem with my computer not shutting down properly. About once in every three times when i select 'shutdown', my screen goes a greyish colour and just stays like that and the computer is still on. I then have to shut it off at the mains and when i come to startup again later-on, it goes through the scan-disc and says windows wasn't shutdown properly.

I have windows 98 SE.

Any advice would be appreciated.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:23 16 May 2003

wade through here and click here


  _Treb_ 15:44 16 May 2003

Welcome Prawny, this issue has been brought up here loads of times by loads of peeps me included. If you type your question into the search engine of this forum you'll get all the info you need. Good luck.

  prawny 16:01 16 May 2003

Thanks, i will wade through.

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