Windows shutdown error message Please help!

  suburban train 22:35 27 Jan 2004

Dear All

When I am connected to the internet via dialup using Dog and Bone Connection (The company which My university's uses which is part of the Catalyst Management Limited) I am using Windows XP PRO

I get an error message as seen below


This System is Shutting down. PLease save all work in progress and log off. Any unsaved changes will be lost. This shutdown was initiated by NT AUTHORITY \ SYSTEM

Windows must must restart because the REMOTE PROCEDURE CALL (RPC) service terminated unexpectly""

I have then around 30Secs to log.

Does anyone why this happens and how I can stop it happening in the future?

  VoG II 22:36 27 Jan 2004

You have got the Blaster virus.

First Start, Run and type

shutdown -a

and click OK. This will give you more time.

Next, get the MS Patch. Without it you'll be reinfected every time you connect: click here

Then run either Stinger click here or the Norton removal tool click here or Microsoft's tool click here

  User-312386 22:39 27 Jan 2004

Agree with VoG here

your computer has the Blaster Virus click here as VoG sais for the patch

  suburban train 00:31 28 Jan 2004

Thanks for your help I think the virujas gone now, ive downloaded the patch and used the stinger but it keeps crashing.

By the way how did you find out what the virus was and how to find the information about it?

  Chegs ® 01:17 28 Jan 2004

Q)By the way how did you find out what the virus was and how to find the information about it?

A)Due to answering this problem regularly.It(when released)spread rapidly across the net afflicting loads of pc's.The majority of those pc's users "appear" to have called into PCA to ask this question.(as a search of Helproom would show)Likely,as you didn't know the name of this virus,you couldn't search PCA pages.

  hugh-265156 01:24 28 Jan 2004

just type the error into google click here ie/"NT AUTHORITY \ SYSTEM" or any other error you recieve and you will find loads of info usually like click here

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