Windows Set Up repeats on installation

  musicbassman 07:06 05 Jan 2005

I am having to reinstall Windows XP after installing a new hard disk. The computer boots OK, the disk has formatted and the files are copied to the installation folder from the XP disc, but at the point where the computer reboots it doesn’t seem to recognise that these files are already installed and starts the Windows setup procedure all over again. As far as I can recall from notes I made during the process, this is the series of events:
Computer reboots
Windows Setup
‘Set Up is loading files’
‘Set Up is starting Windows’
‘To set up Windows XP now, press enter’
License agreement
‘Following list shows existing partitions and unpartitioned space on this computer’
C: Partition 1 (NTFS) 156320mb (155833mb free)
Unpartitioned space 8mb
C is selected
‘You chose to install XP on a partition that contains another operating system. This is not recommended. To continue Setup using this partition press C’
Then options of formatting partition using either NTFS file system or leaving current file system intact.
Either way, message then reads
‘A windows folder already exists that may contain a Windows installation. If you continue, existing will be overwritten’
Then options are given to overwrite, to use another folder, or quit.
As there isn’t another folder, and I don’t want to quit, overwrite is chosen, then existing files are deleted, and the files are again copied to the installation folder. The computer then reboots, and the whole process starts over again.
I suspect with my limited knowledge that this must be something to do with the BIOS settings?
Also – is this significant? - I have noticed that on startup, one line reads ‘ Boot from Atapi CD ROM’ ‘No emulation’
This refers to the original CD RW supplied with the computer which had to be replaced with a Sony CD RW about 6 months ago.

All suggestions welcome. Thanks.

  User-312386 08:26 05 Jan 2005

after the computer has restarted, go into BIOS and restet to start from HARD disc rather than CD-ROM

  User-312386 08:27 05 Jan 2005

sorry typo


  JIM 08:32 05 Jan 2005

The preferred method for initiating a clean install of Windows XP is by booting from the XP CD. If the CD drive is not set as the primary boot device it will be necessary to access and modify the BIOS settings.

Once the CD drive is set to be selected before the hard drive, insert the XP CD into the drive and power on the system. If the screen shown in Figure 01 appears, all is well and the clean install of Windows XP Professional is underway.

1/Setup monitor sceen would read.(setup is inspecting you computer's hardware configurtaion.

Follow the rest from the link,your not to far away if sytems is per norm.

click here

  musicbassman 08:49 05 Jan 2005

madboy 33 - Thanks, but how do I get into the BIOS?
JIM - Thanks for the link. I get all the screens shown in the link up to 14, then, when it reboots, it starts at screen 2 again.

  JIM 08:57 05 Jan 2005

Presuming your running a later pc system,so when bootup starts keep pressing delete key as it starts.Some systems may require F8?

  musicbassman 10:39 05 Jan 2005

Do you mean I need to do this to access the BIOS, and so do you agree with madboy 33?

Sorry I can't report back on this at the moment as troubled PC is at home and I'm posting this query via work PC

  temp003 10:47 05 Jan 2005

After installation files have been copied to the hdd, computer restarts. This time you need to let the computer boot from the hdd, NOT the XP CD. If you let computer boot from CD, the whole Setup procedure starts again. This is something really silly. MS should include a message in the Setup procedure.

With most BIOSes with CDROM as the first boot device, it will usually ask you to press any key to boot from CD. If you get this message on your restart, just don't press any key. It should then boot from the hdd.

If you don't get this message on your computer, and the computer automatically boots from CD, then either get into BIOS to change boot sequence as suggested above, or simply remove the XP CD as soon as the computer restarts. Computer will have to boot from hdd, getting into the graphical user interface of the Setup procedure, then you can re-insert CD to follow through with the installation.

  JIM 11:08 05 Jan 2005

Yes to do this to access the BIOS and check that your booting up form the CD rom device.

Though from what you say,(get all the screens shown in the link up to 14 etc.)that appears already the case,but worth a check on to be sure.

Re enter or change when in there by all means to madboy33©® suggestion and bootup to see the result.

I am not sure why,unless it is to poss finish off the installation of xp via C:\ etc."That may help""I never have come accross that situation personaly as such. You seem to be there, but missing link somwhere? You may be better to start from scratch and format, "if" bios was not set to run from the cd drive iin first place.Sorry if i missed something from your posting ,will re-check


  JIM 11:13 05 Jan 2005

Sounds like the missing link for what should follow:)
niceone temp003,i have come across that in postings.

  temp003 11:32 05 Jan 2005

I hope that it is the missing link (which madboy33 has earlier suggested actually). Whether it is the cause of the problem for musicbassman, I still think MS should include a message when the computer is about to restart after copying of files. How are we supposed to know that we don't need to boot from CD again on the restart?

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