windows service packs

  sms 09:21 22 Jan 2004

I have just installed a new hard drive and installed win 2000.
My first task was to install win service pack 4.
However this totally srewed up windows and I had to re-format the disk. I did the same again and had the same problem.
Could anyone advise what steps to take. I have installed my anti-virus but still feel vulnerable with no service packs.

  starlet 09:43 22 Jan 2004


I had the same big problems as you and I reformatted the hdd again, this was the forth time, but before I put on any programs I installed SP3 that was stable, then reinstalled all my prog's then updated to Win 2000 SP4 this now works okay, other than it has installed some security device that stops you loading some cd's you have to copy them to your hdd and then install from there,hope this is of help to you.

Regards Starlet

  Big Elf 12:14 22 Jan 2004

If starlets suggestion doesn't work there's a list of known bugs and issues at click here

  sms 12:44 22 Jan 2004

i would like to have service packs on cd can I download and save to cd or is it only installed to hd

  Big Elf 12:50 22 Jan 2004

I think you can order them on CD from the UK site but it takes a bit of tracking down. Give me half an hour.

  Mat2 13:03 22 Jan 2004

Hi sms

The the web address for the obtaining a free cd from microsoft is click here


  Big Elf 13:09 22 Jan 2004

The Windows 2000 SP4 on CD is available from click here

I'n not 100% sure but I think it might include a 'roll up' of SP1-3.

  Big Elf 13:10 22 Jan 2004

Sorry. Didn't refresh.

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