windows security essentials trying to take over from Norton ??

  rickd 12:43 17 Jul 2011

I have 2 recent PCs running windows 7 and Norton 2011. Several weeks ago the action centre on one told me I had no antivirus protection, although Norton was (and still is) actually running fine. After being annoyed and nagged by the action centre for some time, I simply switched off the warning. As a result windows then decided to download Windows Security Essentials on my behalf and kept wanting me to install it in order to fix the problem. I assumed that whatever bug was preventing windows from seeing Norton could be sorted out by an update/fix. However, after googling it, from what I can gather it turns out (according to Norton) to be a known Windows flaw which has been around for some time. Perhaps I'm being cynical but could it be MS aren't much bothered about fixing it in order to get people to switch to their security?? Anyhow, has anyone else had this problem and found a solution other than giving in to MS or just ignoring the warnings/nags. I'd prefer to stick with Norton as I think it still has many advantages over WSE (as backed up by Independent Lab reviews). Don't really want to go through the whole Norton uninstall - reinstall thing if its only going to happen again.

  wee eddie 12:49 17 Jul 2011

Having 2 Anti Virus Programs running at the same time is a recipe for disaster.

You're lucky that the whole setup hasn't crashed.

  Nontek 12:50 17 Jul 2011

It sounds to me as if you have been fooled by the Fake Windows Security Essentials VIRUS. Even though you have Norton - sorry, but I don't trust Norton at all, and my advice would be to get rid of Norton.

Microsoft Security Essentials is Free and is very good - along with Malwarebytes (preferably the Pro version), your security would be well covered.

You should run Malwarebytes NOW to seek out and remove this possible Virus!

  rickd 12:51 17 Jul 2011

I'm not actually running WSE, still running Norton

  birdface 12:57 17 Jul 2011
  Nontek 12:58 17 Jul 2011

As I said you may have been fooled - your WSE is possibly fake, a Virus in fact, which is imposing itself on your computer. MSE is the true program!

  birdface 12:59 17 Jul 2011

Should have said follow this on bleeping computers.

Automated Removal Instructions for Fake Microsoft Security Essentials

  rickd 13:08 17 Jul 2011

Nontek Thanks but he "Fake windows security essntials virus" you mention is a message sent to immitate a WSE message trying to get you to install some 3rd party software. You presumably can only get this if you are actually running WSE in the first place (or dumb enough to be "fooled" by a message from some software you know you don't have). Since at the time it wasn't even downloaded let alone installed, it seems unlikely that this is the case! The action centre message was from within windows 7, the upshot being trying to get me to install genuine windows software (not some scam stuff). By the way, it strikes me that if the virus of which you speak can infect pc's running WSE, then it shows that WSE must be pretty usless at keeping viruses out!

  rickd 13:41 17 Jul 2011

Sorry I realise the confusion, I was calling it windows security essentials, the one that windows wants to istall is microsft security essentials (MSE downloaded through windows update) as you say. Anyhow, all this is an aside....

The problem I am trying to solve is why Windows 7 is not recognising Norton.

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