Windows Security Center Says My Firewall is Off

  thegreypanther 09:27 10 May 2008

I run Windows Vista Home Premium (x64), and have Norton's Internet Security installed on my PC.
The Firewall is turned on in Norton, and the Norton Protection Center tells me that everything is secure.
And yet the Windows Security Center tells me that I don't have a firewall turned on.
I have run a scan using the Hacker Watch website, click here from a couple of other sites. No problems are reported.
So WHY does the Windows Security Center tell me that I need to turn on my firewall?

  Ditch999 11:54 10 May 2008

Its a glitch. It happens with anti virus programmes as well. You can disable the warning in Vista if it annoys you and as long as you are happy that your firewall is working correctly.

  Robbiecollie 12:54 10 May 2008

Maybe your Security Center service is turned off. To turn it on, open the Start menu and type in Start search: "services.msc" (without quotation marks) and press Enter. Accept the UAC alert by clicking continue find the "Security Center" service and right-click it, then click Properties, you should see startup type. The default option is Automatic (Delayed startup) choose that. Click start and then click ok. Try to turn on Security Center now.
If this does not repair the problem, open Start menu, type system restore and restore your computer to the time you installed Norton Internet Security.
This will work.

  craigtonia 14:47 10 May 2008

open a cmd window
(start, run, type cmd, enter)
net start sharedaccess

it should either start the service or state that it has already been started, the service i mention is windows firewall

net stop sharedaccess
turns the firewall off

  thegreypanther 16:11 10 May 2008

Thanks Robbiecollie and craigtonia.
Unfortunately, none of the suggestions work.
Searching for services.msc draws a complete blank.
With Start - Search - Files/Folders absolutely nothing turns up.
As I installed Norton Internet Security when I bought the computer about 15 months ago, setting a restore point to then isn't really on. And I don't want to reinstall Norton Internet Security.
I've opened the command window and typed in net start sharedaccess, - to be told "Access denied"!
I could turn on the Windows firewall, but the general advice seems to be that you shouldn't have two firewalls in operation at the same time.
I'm fairly confident that my Norton firewall is in place and functioning, but it is VERY off-putting to be informed in Windows Security Centre that I don't have a firewall in place!
Maybe Microsft need to be contacted on this one?

  rdave13 16:32 10 May 2008

Have a look here; click here

  tullie 16:40 10 May 2008

Its not refering to the windows firewall i suppose?

  thegreypanther 17:50 10 May 2008

radve13, - many thanks for pointing me in the direction of the article on "How to Fix Vista's Security Centre....". Unfortunately, I drew a complete blank with this, as the procedure referred to deletion of a folder called "repository" in the Windows / System32 folder. Problem was, there was no such folder, - there, or anywhere else on the PC.

tullie, - the Windows firewall is turned off, as the advice given is not to have two firewalls on at the same time. So, I'm relying on the Norton firewall, - which is being reported (by Windows) as not being there, but is shown as being AOK by Norton!

  Ditch999 19:39 10 May 2008

If you are really worried the go to GRC and run there tests click here click "Proceed" then click on "All Service Ports". It will tell you if your firewall is working or not for outside intrusion.

  Mike.B.64 19:49 10 May 2008

No solution I am afraid, and I am not seeking advice for myself, but, at the risk of muddying the waters, you may wish to know that this problem now occurs since adding SP3 to XP Home, running PC Tools Firewall Plus. It seems to be more widespread than Vista.

Hope you soon sort it.

  rdave13 20:17 10 May 2008

It's not an SP issue. Poor programing maybe, as this has been an issue previous to any Service packs, XP or Vista, and only to some.

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