windows security alert

  jackdouglas7 20:15 18 May 2009

My daughters acer desk top with vista shows a windows security alert that the malware protection is not on when it is. I have AVG free which is also one of the ones suggested when following the windows links. It does recognise that I have avg but will not recognise that it is on even though it is and working.
Any ideas ?

  Ashrich 21:12 18 May 2009

Malware reporting from Vista is probably referring to Windows Defender , it may need updating , AVG would only be called AntiVirus


  jackdouglas7 22:36 18 May 2009

Thats what I thought, but its not doing it on the other pcs in the house. Could it have anything to do with vista as all the others are on XP except this one?

  Sea Urchin 00:16 19 May 2009

When I had a similar problem a while ago I was directed to the following link by MAT ALAN. It solved my Security Center fault. Follow the postings by Bill Castner

click here

  jackdouglas7 15:31 19 May 2009

Thanks Sea Urchin,
Will give it a go when I can get her off it for 10 mins.

  mfletch 18:49 19 May 2009

Control panel>security center

Change the way security center alerts me {on the left}

Change settings to stop the S/C from telling you,

  jackdouglas7 19:05 19 May 2009

Thanks all, Its seems ok now so will tick resolved. If it comes back Ill repost.

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