Windows Restore will not work

  Bertie B 21:11 01 Aug 2005

Some days ago I got a strange message relating to a file updsvc.exe - can't remember exactly what the message was but I did an internet search and found that the file relates to Teknum Systems software which appears on my system and there seems to be different opinions as to whether this program comes with Windows XP or whether it is Spyware. ANYWAY - TRIED TO RESTORE XP to a former date point tonight and it just goes thro' the motions and then comes up with the message that it can't be restored to that date - try another ......... but that does not work eithe

Can anyone thro some light please?


  stalion 21:13 01 Aug 2005

click here;en-us;302796

  stalion 21:18 01 Aug 2005
  stalion 21:20 01 Aug 2005

also do a scan with a2 click here

  Bertie B 00:52 02 Aug 2005

OK - Thanks for the help so far - BUT I'M STILL IN TROUBLE!

It's was Monday night out with th boys so I'm a bit "hissed" ....... but I've downloaded Spybot and updated and then done a scan - this found a number of itmes including 2 to do with Teknum Systems updater - all have been removed and then I have done a fair bit of work as shown in the link " How to Troubleshoot the System Resore toool in Windows XP ............... BUT IT STILL WILL NOT RESTORE!

About 2 weeks ago I replaced my Norton Security 2003 with Zone Alarm Security v5.5 which is now updated to v6 - I have Windows Anti-Spyware loaded which scans everday and I have the current Ad-Aware program which is run regularly but despite all this something has knocked out Windows Restore!

I got suspicious a few days ago when Windows asked me if I wanted to install a newer version of Windows Ant-Spyware - I clicked on yes and apparently it updated - but the following day it asked me again and we went thro the same procedure of installing - but everyday I get asked the same question which suggests that something is also blocking that!

I fear that something devious has installed itself but I can't pin it down and I would appreciate any help and suggestions anyone might be able to offer!


  paulin 01:32 02 Aug 2005

On a number of occasions I have had the same trouble as you with System Restore. I found that if you disable it and then enable it, it starts working again. RC my Computer, select properties, system restore. Make sure there is no tick in the check box for disabling it(if there is that's the problem). Assuming there isn't a tick in the check box, put one in and then select settings and put the slider back to zero. Then put the slider back to where it was, normally 12% and click OK. Then remove the tick from the check box and hopefully it will start working again. Microsoft acknowledge there is a problem with System Restore which they say has not yet been resolved.

I can't help with your other problem except to say that I got the same message regarding AntiSpy and it successfully updated to the new version.

  Bertie B 01:41 02 Aug 2005


Thanks for that - will give it a go!



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