Windows Restore problem

  satchef1 21:24 22 Feb 2007

Im not going to go into the how unless its necessary (tis a long story).
Basically i formatted my Hard Drives, went to reinstall Windows and my Acer Recovery Disk just tells me 'not enough space on target drive'

Any way to fix this? The drives were empty (got Sabayon Linux on there now as a temporary OS)

My next problem will be removing Sabayon and the GRUB bootloader without a Windows XP disk (the Recovery disk wont restore the MBR). Any ideas how to do this?

  skidzy 21:39 22 Feb 2007

Im guessing if you have formatted the drive totally,it may be possible the recovery disc needs the os that may have been on a hidden partition but now has been removed.
If this is the case,you will need a new windows disc.

I may be wrong here and stand to be corrected.

  satchef1 15:49 23 Feb 2007

tbh i think youre right. gonna just have to bite the bullet and buy a new copy of XP

Linux is getting right on my nerves, cant get WiFi to work with it and the keyboard layouts are all wrong! Taken me ages to write this without 'z' in place of 'w', 'q' in place of 'a' etc

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