Windows repair gone wrong !

  mymate 12:21 24 Nov 2006

Done a repair ok,but i had to download sp2 but didnt notice i was downloading it twice !so it stopped installing ,and said windows might not work now, i couldnt download it again.Tried running a program called "dial a fix" i think it was called that it was 2 oc in the morning by then > now the computer wont start up,i tried safe mode,last known configuration ,still didnt work.Tried doing a repair again,but it didnt see my windows xp at all.I then had the option of installing windows again,but didnt do it.If i do install windows again,would the corrupt version still be on the computer ?
I am on a freinds computer at the moment.
Thaks very much .

  birdface 12:29 24 Nov 2006

Have you tried System restore yet, That might fix it,

  recap 12:30 24 Nov 2006

I think you would need to F-disk the computer, this will delete the previous operating system configurations.

  Gongoozler 12:31 24 Nov 2006

If you reformat and reinstall Windows, there will be no residue of the old corrupted installation. If you have valuable data files on the drive, you can either fit a new drive as master and the old one as slave to recover the files, or temporarily fit your drive as slave in another computer to recover them.

  mymate 12:41 24 Nov 2006

Ok thanks,i have a internal extra hard disc waiting to be if i get my techi friend to put in my new hard disc,can he then save all my programas on to that and then reinstall xp ? that would be perfect if thats a option.
I been waiting 4 weeks for my brother to fit my new hard disc,i have got Acronis on the computer already,but not set up till i had the extra disc added !

  Legolas 12:42 24 Nov 2006

You could try a Soft install click here scroll down to the entry for "The Soft Installation"

  gudgulf 12:47 24 Nov 2006

Are you saying it wont boot into Safe Mode?

If you can get into Safe Mode then you could try System Restore to before the attempted SP2 installation.

You could also try these instructions from Microsoft on recovering from a failed SP" installation click here

If you have information on the drive that you need to retrieve then before you do anything else It would be a good idea to remove your hard drive(I'm assuming you have a desktop pc) and set it up as a slave drive in your friends should read as a data disc and you will be able to copy anything you need to keep onto your friends pc.

If System Recovery or the Microsoft instructions don't fix the problem you will need to reformat the drive and do a complete fresh install of XP.

  mymate 12:48 24 Nov 2006

Legolas,i have tried doing a repair ,it doesnt even see xp on it,wheni did it before i did get the opton of repairing xp but now when i tried to do it agin that option isnt there at all. I have no sp2 on since the repair,and that was what i was trying to install. thanks

  mymate 12:54 24 Nov 2006

gudgulf,No it wont go into safe mode,i tried that,it just goes back to a screen that says something like "try going into Last known configaration " that doesnt work either,it goes back to the same screen again !
Can i not get my friend to put my corrupted hard disc into a slave then and the new one into master so he can just copy over my programs and other things i need,then re install windows ? Thanks for everyone help

  gudgulf 13:02 24 Nov 2006

You could set up the new drive as the master boot drive and install Windows onto that....and yes you could then set up the corrupt drive as slave and recover your data by copying it across to the new drive.

But you can't transfer your old programs in that way.They will need to be installed from scratch along with all the hardware drivers.

Try the instructions given in the link I posted to the Microsoft support website.........that might well get you back into Windows with all your programs/data still intact.

  mymate 13:04 24 Nov 2006

Thanks gudgulf,i print those instructions out now and try to do it when i get home.

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