Windows repair

  Seadog 22:52 03 Apr 2009

I have resurected an old computer in my garage (AMD Athlon 1800+ with windows Xp)and after typing msconfig or dxdiag in the 'run' box on the start menu nothing happens. The hour glass appears for a few seconds then disappears.
I assume that some windows files are missing, however, I don't have the original windows disc - the licence hologram sticker thingy is on the case with the licence number but I don't have the xp cd to re-install the OS.
Anyone any ideas please?

  MAJ 22:55 03 Apr 2009

Borrow am XP CD of the same version (Home or Pro) from a mate and use that in conjunction with your serial number.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:56 03 Apr 2009

DO you have an I386 folder on the hard drive?

Repair XP by replacing corrupt files

sfc /scannow

in the run box, press enter and let system file checker find and replace missing / corrupt file in windows and explorer.This will take awhile to complete and you may be asked for the CD to be in the drive if windows is not preinstalled on the hard drive.

sfc /scannow problems
click here will show how to point sfc at the i386 folder

  Seadog 23:06 03 Apr 2009

Thanks very much.

MAJ - will that work? I thought that each disc had its own licence number and would only work with that number? I've got a couple of 'old' xp discs I can try however...... we will see. Thanks again

Fruit Bat - thanks once again for your advice, how do you remember all this stuff? I keep forgetting things like this. By the way, is that a space after sfc? i.e. sfc-space-forward slash-scannow

  lotvic 23:38 03 Apr 2009

""I thought that each disc had its own licence number and would only work with that number?""

No, the CD's are mass produced and are not tied to individual product keys. What does happen during activation is the product (licence) key and hash code (of the pc hardware generated during install of XP) is noted by MS so that the product key cannot be used on another pc that has different hardware.

Activation fails if product key and hash code don't match with what MS have recorded which is why if you change too many hardware bits you have to ring up and convince them that you are just replacing parts of or upgrading the original pc.

sfc /scannow
space between c and /

  woodchip 23:43 03 Apr 2009

Numbers change in batches or OS discs

  lotvic 23:32 04 Apr 2009

What's that mean woodchip?

The edition has to match for the key to work eg OEM or retail and XP home or pro etc. also SP1 or SP2

  woodchip 13:30 05 Apr 2009

It means or used work in that a Key would work with so many CD pressed by MS then they changed the Key but I think they changed this way of doing things

  lotvic 19:01 05 Apr 2009

Oh, I learn something new everyday, thanks.
That must have been before they 'tightened up' with activation.

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