Windows registration?

  djsew 10:23 08 Dec 2010

I have elderly friend (80+),his Win XP PC has died and is beyond economic repair. He has gone and bought a budget notebook with Win 7 but he finds it totally confusing! He only uses it for letters & email. Is it poss to load the old Win XP Home and get it registered with Microsoft?
Alternately, what is the most simple and free email client that could be installed ie an Outlook Express look-alike?

  xania 10:36 08 Dec 2010

You should have no problems registering XP installation with MS - it may go through autpomatically, but otherwise they give you a number to ring and when you get through you type into your phone the sets of numbers from your screen and they will immedaitely then give you new sets of numbers to type into your PC. Once done, Outlook Express will be available as usual, but, if oyu install a version of office after 2003, you will find that the spell checker in OE no longer works properly.

  birdface 11:00 08 Dec 2010

Thunderbird would be the easiest I think.
I use Incredimail which is quite easy to use as well.
There is also Windows Live mail which is pretty good.
You would best make
sure you only download the W/L/Mail and not all of the add ons that are also recommended.
click here

click here

click here

  Woolwell 11:08 08 Dec 2010

Be careful about drivers. It is possible that more problems could be created loading XP than persevering and learning Windows 7. Perhaps some coaching could be provided. I would use Windows Live Mail rather than Thunderbird as it is closer to OE.

  Poitier 14:16 08 Dec 2010

If the old PC used a retail version of XP there should be no problem but if it was an OEM version the licience will have died with the PC. You would have to buy another disk.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:58 08 Dec 2010

Try changing windows 7 to classic view click here may help to use

  xania 13:38 09 Dec 2010

As an alternative, you might like to invest some time in some free training. I have some useful links you might like to look at

click here

click here

But even more useful, you can use these to learn how to find what you want - these will load the old drop downs you are used to, and when you click on a function, it will show you how to find it in the appropraite ribbon:


click here


click here


click here

Unfortunately, these are none for the other Office programs.

  xania 09:29 10 Dec 2010

Sorry - that last post belongs to another stream. Please ignore it.

  djsew 10:41 10 Dec 2010

Many thanks for all your suggestions. Have chosen the basic Win-Live-Mail + Classic view rather than step back to XP...
Just need to convince user to access his address book rather than key e-addresses (frequently incorrect)!!!

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