Windows registered name

  Daiol 08:02 08 Aug 2006

Good day, Ive just had new genuine windows xp pro installed in my pc,as i had a counterfit copy before,one slight hitch nothing major,the pc engineer that did the job for me miss typed my name-when you go to control panel then system then general box the registered name has two letters wrong in my name how can i correct this name is it a small easy job if so i will do it myself not to bother the pc man with something so trivial can anyone suggest a simlpe way.
ps, how does one get a screenshot included in a message i do see them as at the bottom of the question you have [CLICK HERE] how does one get the image included.Thanks in advance

  VoG II 08:18 08 Aug 2006
  Pamy 12:57 08 Aug 2006

you cannot have a screen shot on this forum. You have to have a programme like Image shack, then when you want members here to look at your image you send them the link and this forum will change it to click here

  Das Boot 13:15 08 Aug 2006

Hi Daiol, right click on My Computer go to tab Computer Name and click Change.

  Das Boot 13:20 08 Aug 2006

Hi again I should have said after right click my computer click on properties. Then follow last post.

  Eric10 15:34 08 Aug 2006

Sorry Das Boot but the Computer Name isn't the same thing as Registered Owner. You can change Registered Owner in the Registry, using regedit, by navigating to the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
In the right pane change the value of RegisteredOwner to whatever you require.
Change the value of RegisteredOrganization if needed.

Of course, the link provided by VoG™ does exactly this but uses a neat front end program to make it easy for you.

  Daiol 16:25 08 Aug 2006

eric 10,thankyou all for your replies,but this may sound a silly question to you how do navigate to the following key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
Thankyou all.

  Eric10 17:11 08 Aug 2006

Why not just download the file that VoG™ linked to? click here. You only need to extract the .exe file from the .zip file then run it. This brings up a dialogue box where you can type in the new Registered Owner and then click the Change button to accept your changed name. If you have never edited the Registry then this is by far the safest and easiest way to do it.

If you still want to go the Registry route then you need to run Regedit from Start, Run, but the first thing to do is to back up the current Registry from File, Export, and save this where you can find it again. This is important because any mistakes in the Registry can prove disastrous to the health of your PC.
In Regedit you can see the tree structure of the Registry in the left pane and you expand the tree by clicking on the + to the left of each required branch. Once you reach CurrentVersion just click on it and its contents will be displayed in the right pane. Right-click on 'RegisteredOwner' and choose Modify from the context menu.

  Daiol 17:17 08 Aug 2006

Eric 10.Thanks very much that little download was excellent bl**dy marvelous and so easy.Thaks to you all once again,[A big thanks]

  Das Boot 19:54 08 Aug 2006

Hi if you change the name as I said the registered Owner Is changed in the registry. Try it.

  Eric10 20:27 08 Aug 2006

Das Boot. For completeness I have just tried it and can assure you that it really doesn't work. 'Registered to' in My Computer Properties stayed the same as did the RegisteredOwner value in the Registry.

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