Windows 'recovery from fatal error message

  SparkyJack 20:22 16 Mar 2012

One of my flock having reinstalled WinXP after some changes to his machine now gets frequent-' Windows recovered from fatal error' messages- the machine does not crash as such - just the message- having sent off a 'report' as requested he got a reply- essentially saying - 'A driver problem- but could not say which'

So pondering that he received a phone call from 'Microsoft'- which I advised him was the familiar Microsoft scam with the dulcet tones of a lady in darkest Delhi offeringto fix the problemfor a crossing of her palm with best beer tokens.

So putting that to one side we are looking into the driver issue-.

But I thought could there be a link with thee 'Error' message and the 'Microsoft' phone call

Could that out fit now be sending out some form of 'nasty' to cause this error?

Just a thought j

  robin_x 20:29 16 Mar 2012


All computers always have something needing fixing anyway.

Just like email scams with "You missed your FedEx/UPS delivery." just when you really were expecting a delivery and popped to the shops etc.

I hope your friend did not divulge card details.

Regular Antivirus and Malwarebytes scans are a good idea.

  Woolwell 20:36 16 Mar 2012

The message about a driver is, in my opinion, one of the most misleading messages. However with a recent install were all of the drivers installed and in device manager are there any exclamation marks? The problem could also be caused by overheating. When was it last cleaned - if ever?

There is no link with the phone call.

  lotvic 20:54 16 Mar 2012

"But I thought could there be a link with thee 'Error' message and the 'Microsoft' phone call

I believe it safe to assume: Not unless he had arranged a support call

"Could that out fit now be sending out some form of 'nasty' to cause this error?"

Errr.. NO (but maybe a faulty windows update would cause that error, but that would not be on purpose and goes to everyone that downloads updates)

  lotvic 20:57 16 Mar 2012

Did he install the motherboard drivers after he had re-installed XP and has he put SP3 on?

  chub_tor 21:20 16 Mar 2012

I have had a number of those messages in the past week on my desktop and tracked it down to be the latest driver update to my ATI Radeon graphics card. Others have also reported issues with version 12 of the Catalyst Control Centre. I went back to version 10 and have had no trouble since, so my suggestion would be to check the grahics driver.

  SparkyJack 09:20 17 Mar 2012

Thank you all for your thoughts

Confirms my suspicions The thoughts about SP3 is worth checking out as indeed any recent software installs I know he has been messing with a camera attachment for his astro telescope- so the associated software may be a direction to look into.

  GuybrushThreepwood 17:37 26 Mar 2012

Maybe you can find some information about that number on when i got a similar call i checked it there and fortunately saw that it was a scam call

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