Windows Recovery Console.

  Dmiles 14:15 30 Dec 2008

Is it possible to download Win RC and burn it to a CD.
I have two PC's with HD failures and corruptions.
Second question...
When I choose to boot from the XP-Pro(SP3) CD and choose to repair, it tells me that I will be loosing all my data (or does it say that ?), So the question is, if I 'repair' will I lose data as I would if I were doing a normal Win XP re-loading?

I've bought another 160Gb HD and loaded XP sp3 and reloaded nearly all programme but some of my data that I would like to bring in, I know is suspect !!
Any help would be most appreciated.

  Pamy 15:21 30 Dec 2008

A "Repair" should not loose your progs and data.

But make sure you do do a "Repair"

  Dmiles 11:06 01 Jan 2009

Thank you Pamy I fully understand. Kindest regards

Derek Miles.

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