windows re-boot after shutdown

  morganmight 14:06 14 May 2003

Is there anyone out there that can tell me why when i shut down my computer,it reboots up again.I use windows 98se for my operating system.

  spikeychris 18:21 14 May 2003

click here


  morganmight 11:45 16 May 2003

Thanks Chris,i'll try this web site.

  keith-236785 11:59 16 May 2003

if you are using Norton Anti-Virus try disabling it then try to shutdown, if it shuts then its Norton "protecting your system". if this doesnt work try your reset button to see if its stuck....hope this might help you, good luck

  morganmight 12:48 21 May 2003

I have tried some of the trouble shooting tasks from 'Chris's' web page,and none have worked,90%of them are to do with windows hanging at shutdown,my computer does not hang,just reboots after complete shutdown.I do not currently use any Anti-Virus software but the reset button was an interesting idea but it does'nt seem to be stuck,it has however made me think about the possibility it may be something to do with the power restarting the computer somehow.
Just to elaborate,when the computer finaly shuts down,ie:after the "windows is shutting down" screen disappears,you can here the computer literally switch off,2 second later,without touching the "power on" button it starts to boot again.Very annoying.Any more ideas,thanks.

  morganmight 12:51 21 May 2003

Incidently,the computer does not re-boot after complete shutdown when shutdown is deployed in safe mode.

  keith-236785 17:54 21 May 2003

is "wake on LAN" enabled in your bios?, if you are on a network then the other computer could be "waking" your computer up, this can also happen with (wake on token ring or modem or dial up connection)i think thats what its called. check your bios for these settings, if they are enabled then try disabling them and see if this helps. post back if not.....

  Gemma 19:48 21 May 2003
  spikeychris 19:54 21 May 2003

Give this a whirl click here

  morganmight 14:13 22 May 2003

I've looked in the bios and can't find any "wake on LAN" anywhere,or any "wake on "anything.Would an upgrade for my bios help?

  morganmight 09:18 29 Aug 2003

Hi,i know this thread is now 3 months old,i still have not cured the problem of windows rebooting after shutdown.I have contacted my motherboard manufacturer and he has advised me to install 4 in 1 drivers VIA my Apollo MVP3 chipset and he seems to think it is more likely to do with windows being installed in ACPI mode with an AT psu and non ACPI bios.
Does this make any sense to anyone.

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