windows re-arranges drive letters

  Kennt 16:30 06 Oct 2004

My HDD is divided into four partitions, and I have an Iomega Zip drive.
Sometimes, on start up, the order of the drives is C,D,E,F assigned to the four partitions, and G to the Zip drive. On other start ups, the Zip drive is asssigned letter D, and the last three HDD partitions all move down one letter. This then fools my Zip drive when it tries to backup my data drive, drive E, which has now become F, and all my lists of previously opened files in programs are now wrong.

Windows 98SE cannot seem to make up its mind which order to use. It changes almost every time I start up. How can I get it to settle for one order.

  Diemmess 16:52 06 Oct 2004

I don't know for sure, because when I used a Jaz drive it was scsi connected. In W98SE I have found confusion with 2 HDs, each partitoned and the wretched system alternated the drive letters.

You can fix the drive letters for CDROMs in device manager I wonder if you can fix the drive letter for the Zip drive in the same way?

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