Windows protection error HELP! ALMOST BALD!!!

  tps 12:22 05 Feb 2003

I have an HP Pavillion 82xx Series pc running a Intel Pentium 266Mhz processor ,Pheonix bios,with 256pc100 ram,
Creative digital soundblaster,52x cd-rom,1x western digital 6gig hard drive,1x IBM deskstar 40Gig hard drive, TRYING to run windows 98se.

The problem started when i had three 2x 2gig harddrives and 1x 6gig hardrives running on my pc but one of these failed but luckly it wasn't the one with my operating system on. so naturally took out that drive and dicarded it. i then proceeded to load windows and to my surprize i got a windows protection i ran scanreg.exe 3 times to make sure there wasn't a problem with the registery and reloaded last registery file.Failing this i reinstalled win98se but the same error occurred.I also ran scandisk.exe.I thought it was time to get a newer and bigger hdrive and went for ibm deskstar 40gig and setup windows 98se but to no avail the same error has occurred again.

Any solutions would be greatfully recieved.

  JoeC 12:39 05 Feb 2003

click here Do you have any more info on the actual error ?

  Lozzy 12:47 05 Feb 2003

Your boot sequence is looking for the HDD you discarded.. Go in and remove that empty drive from Windows

  tps 12:48 05 Feb 2003

I have also tried to run safe mode but the same error occurrs always asking me to restart the computer and i can only run the pc from command prompt and command prompt safe mode.

  Markev 12:50 05 Feb 2003

Have you tried the hard drives on another computer? I had a similar problem which kept recurring even after I had installed Norton Antivirus, scanned the hard disk dozens of times, and removed the cover to prevent the machine from overheating. In the end (when it wouldn't boot up at all) I gave up and took it in for repair. It turned out to be a faulty motherboard.

  tps 13:22 05 Feb 2003

I have used the harddrive on another machine with no problems.

  DieSse 13:47 05 Feb 2003

A common cause of windows protection errors id bad RAM.

When installing the drives, you might have disturbed other parts inside the system. Check that the RAM is securely in place (remove and refit is best) - and that all other cables etc are firmly in place.

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