Windows password poblem.

  bellababy 02:09 12 Aug 2004

A freind of mine tells me that he is unable to log on to his pc using his original password, he has windows 98,I've told him to just cancel it this works on mine if I can't be bothered putting in the password (I think it's a useless facility any way) but he tells me this doesn't work for him.My last bit of advice was try opening up in safe mode to see if he can log that way, but since we are both to old dodgers it's a bit like the blind leading the blind. Can anyone offer further advice?

  johnnyrocker 02:14 12 Aug 2004

you could try run/scanreg/restore ( i think thats right)if not someone will correct me, the idea is that when this is run it will come up with a list of past good boots and one chooses a date prior to the problem ocurring hope this helps.


  Djohn 02:26 12 Aug 2004

with 98se you can tap away at the F8 key on booting and from the options offered, choose "Last known good config" I think you have a choice of 5 points. j.

  Valvegrid 06:59 12 Aug 2004

Are you sure its Windows password, as you say you just hit enter and it goes into Windows. I'm just wondering if he is getting the BIOS password request. That appears very shortly after the computer is switch on, before Windows is loaded.

  bellababy 16:06 12 Aug 2004

Seems I was missinformed the system in use is windows 2000 not 98!

  Valvegrid 17:21 12 Aug 2004

In that case I don't think you'll get any help on this forum because of the terms and conditions.

The only suggestion is to type windows 2000 password into Google, sorry.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:34 12 Aug 2004

click here for some good advice.

But Win2k is hard to get into - a format may be necessary.

  bellababy 22:22 12 Aug 2004

It's much more complicated than I thought, beyond me and I suspect my friend, but thanks anyway, I think he will have to take in for repair or recovery.

  Totally-braindead 22:29 12 Aug 2004

As a suggestion, if your friend has his original Win 2000 disk with the relevant serial number which I presume comes with it, why not try emailing Microsoft from your computer and see what they say. Perhaps they'll just tell you to reinstall it but its worth an email. And I know this may be a silly suggestion but is the password on Win 2000 case sensitive, if so get your friend to try it with caps lock on and with caps lock off, its worth a try anyway.

  Devil Monkey 23:57 12 Aug 2004

Do either of you have a friend who is tech literate? It will be cheaper to follow the above info than to got to a specialist?

  bellababy 05:49 19 Aug 2004

Thanks to all who tried to help. Last week I downloaded a windows 2000 start up to a floppy for my friend, which he used, but he then got bogged down in the technicality of it all, then was afraid to go further! He tells me that he is now waiting for his daughter in-law who has some IT knowledge to arrive in the hope that she can get him going again.Bellababy.

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