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  jkm2525 00:54 12 Apr 2006

I just bought an old toshiba laptop at a car boot sale . when i switch it on it asks for a password , ive tried entering Toshiba which someone told me would work , but sadly not . Does anyone know how to solve this problem ?
( Toshiba satellite 11ocs Win 95 flopy drive only ) Thanks J M .

  LastChip 01:11 12 Apr 2006

Are you referring to a password to enter the BIOS, or a log-in password for the operating system?

Try 11ocs or admin

  Diodorus Siculus 07:22 12 Apr 2006

Toshiba notebook BIOS password backdoor
click here

How do I reset a BIOS password?
click here

  jkm2525 20:22 12 Apr 2006

Thanks for your replys , but still same problem .

  VoG II 21:03 12 Apr 2006
  LastChip 21:37 12 Apr 2006

Try just pressing the enter button leaving the password blank. If that doesn't work, you could boot with a boot floppy ( click here for a download) and at the a: prompt type:

C: [enter]

you should now be at the C: prompt, now type:

dir /p [enter]

which will allow you to view the contents of the drive by page - click enter each time you want to move down the pages.

Note any file that has the extension; .pwl

These are the files that hold the passwords for Win 95. Now use the "ren" (rename) command to alter those files and with a bit of luck, you will be able to boot the operating system.

So, for example, if you found a file named jkm2525.pwl, the command would be:

ren jkm2525.pwl jkm2525.bak[enter]

You may then get a warning. If you do, just accept it and continue.

What you have achieved here, is to rename a password file, to become a backup file. The reason being, that if there is something peculiar to your laptop that requires those files, you can always rename them back to pwl files by reversing the process.

Win 95 is normally ridiculously easy to bypass and so this problem should not be insurmountable, but not having a CD Drive complicates the issue slightly.

  jkm2525 20:10 14 Apr 2006

Tried al still can't get passed Enter Password -

  caast©? 20:36 15 Apr 2006

There is a device that overrides the bios password. This is just the printer plug without any wires etc. the plug on its own. You can buy them at a fair from anyone that sells that type of plug for making up your own leads.

once you get the plug just put it in the LPT port and boot up. Hey presto in resets the Password. M

  remind 22:01 15 Apr 2006

It doesn't seem clear to me which password you need to bypass, the tricks for bypassing the log-on password for 95 are ridiculously easy as has been stated. Maybe something here will help click here

  LastChip 23:16 15 Apr 2006

The printer plug that you refer to actually has some pins connected. Details can be found on the web.

jkm2525, as remind says,we need to get it clear exactly what is happening during the attempted boot process.

If you followed my advice and the links provided by others, you should have succeeded by now in booting your machine.

Perhaps now is a good time to take a step back and explain exactly what is, and is not happening.

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