Windows Onecare Beta

  Ken22 20:36 01 Mar 2006

Has anyone had any experiance of "Windows Onecare Beta" Is it a one stop antivirus / firewall program? Will it ever take the place of Norton Internet Secuity and the like? Is this Microsoft tring to corner another market place?

  JayDay 20:40 01 Mar 2006

Not heard of this, just checked it out and it looks quite comprehensive. Anyone using it?

  JayDay 22:24 01 Mar 2006

It would appear that once it is out of beta then MS will be charging an annual update fee of about £29.00

  Ken22 22:30 01 Mar 2006

Not an unfair price considering!

  User-312386 08:21 02 Mar 2006

Hi guys

It is still free at this stage, hence the name BETA

  J B 10:21 02 Mar 2006

Good morning all, I've beeen thinking about getting One Care as it would be a one stop shop instead of a modular approach. There is a big but though, I read yesterday in an American magazine (PC MAG) that it still doesn't scan incoming and outgoing e-mail's. It is for that reason that I am holding off. I understand that it might be included in the final release but I have read nothing yet that says it will be included. Hope this helps. J.B.

  Belatucadrus 11:09 02 Mar 2006

The firewall default settings also leave a lot to be desired click here

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