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  podlod 10:38 09 May 2008

Hi, I am at the moment finalizing all my contents and nearly ready to build a new website for the first time.When I am ready to place the contents onto my website, can I transfer everything that I have written etc; that I have placed in my Microsoft office suite 2003 into my home page and other pages I will be linking from my home page? or will I have to write or shall I say copy all the contents again? thanks for any help.

  Forum Editor 17:53 09 May 2008

just paste your text from your Microsoft Word files straight into your html pages. You'll probably need to change the font first - my favourite for body text on websites is Verdana.

  podlod 11:52 10 May 2008

Hi, this is all new to me, so you are saying that I cannot copy/paste from word and have to use something like HTML. I must explain that I am going to purchase SBI which also helps you along with your site, so can I possibly use WORD copy/paste or do I still have to save in HTML and transfer across. It is all double dutch to me at the moment? Please help as I am not sure what to do about all the written contents?

  Forum Editor 17:31 10 May 2008

and unless you are familiar with writing html code you would normally use software that is specifically designed for creating websites - what's commonly referred to as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) application.

This software enables you to design your pages, allowing you to lay out images, navigation bars, etc., and converts everything to HTML automatically - you simply design the site and use the same software to publish it to your server space.

The text content of your site can be copied and pasted from a word processor file, or you can type directly onto the page in your web-design software. I don't recommend trying to create a website with Microsoft Word - it's not specifically designed to do the job.

  podlod 08:54 11 May 2008

Hi, you say I can copy/paste from word processor file, is that the same as Microsoft word, if not can you explain what and how I can get this application please. Thank you.

  Forum Editor 09:05 11 May 2008

is a word processor in this context. You can take text from any source and place it in your web pages. You may need to reformat it to a different font and point size, and you may want to change the colour, but you can do all that inside your web design software. You can also do it before you copy and paste, if you like - the software won't mind either way.

I endorse fourm member's last advice - whatever you do, don't convert your Word documents to HTML before trying to copy and paste; leave them as they are.

  podlod 11:05 12 May 2008

Thanks for all your help, it was invaluable.
I would like to ask one more question concerning my new website being, if I have my pictures in thumbnail on my pages in my website, could you please explain how or what i have to do if I want them enlarged to the original photo when someone clicks on the photo, is there an easier way than going through HTML as I have not got a clue with this? thank you.

  podlod 10:37 13 May 2008

Hi, I am purchasing SBI which apparently does it all.
So what you are saying is I have say 4 or 5 thumbnails on one page, and place the originals on other pages, all on my website of course, and link the thumbnails to the originals?

  podlod 15:56 13 May 2008

yes thats it fourm member, I have gone through the SBI demo video and it seems to be ok, and everywhere I have gone to find out more about it, forums etc, they all rate it, but if you know something I dont, I would love to know before I waste my money?thanks for any help, would be appreciated.

  podlod 12:54 15 May 2008

Hi fourm member, well I am going to purchase the SBI at the weekend and I do not mind paying yearly if it brings in the spondulicks! also found out I do not have to buy an anti-virus either, but will still keep this subject open until someone knows contrary about SBI. Thanks again.

  Forum Editor 18:24 15 May 2008

I have absolutely no personal knowledge of SBI, but I invite you to consider a couple of points:

1. I have been in the web-design business for many years, and have designed and hosted dozens and dozens of corporate and private sites in that time - don't you think that if something like SBI was as good as it claims to be I might have heard of it before?

2. Absolutely nobody can 'guarantee' that your website will be a success, or that it will bring in a single penny in revenue. If anyone does give you such a guarantee, or even imply it, he or she doesn't deserve to be in business.

3. £153 for one year's web hosting is expensive.

4. Referring to conventional hosting companies as 'old-fashioned' (as SBI does, in its sales patter) is just silly - hundreds of thousands of very successful e-commerce websites are hosted in that way.

Designing and publishing a web site is not rocket science - pretty well anyone can do it, given the enthusiasm, a modicum of computer-literacy, a hosting company, and some easily-obtainable software. Design flair is certainly a bonus, but in the event that you don't have that in your skill-set you'll find that there are huge numbers of professionaly-designed templates available at relatively low cost - just download one, open it in your chosen software, customise it according to the instructions included with the template, and to your own taste, and publish it to your hosting account.

There are other considerations if you want to sell from your site, but we can step you through the necessary processes here, in the forum.

Finally, consider this - if you decide to pay SBI, and find that you are far from happy with what you get, how easy do you think it might be to get your promised refund from a business that's based in Montreal, and is not subject to UK consumer-protection legislation?

I'm not suggesting for a moment that SBI wouldn't honour its money-back guarantee, I have heard nothing whatever to suggest such a thing, but if I was contemplating spending £153 with someone I might prefer to do so with a comppany based here, so I could be sure of my refund if things go wrong.

Finally, and to repeat myself: Nobody can give you a magic bullet when it comes to an online retailing website - you can be given tips, certainly, but they can come free from places like this forum.

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