windows not valid

  nonowtatall 09:28 29 Jul 2009

woke up this morning put the computer on and the screen is black but all my desktop logos are there and a big notice saying my xp is not valid tried to acces to the windows site and it tells me to purchase a new licence with no need to reformat I have had this version for years and it cost me apacket of money and i have had it validated many times when accessing the windows group for downloads so what is happening is bill gate getting short of money or does he want us to buy the new version

  lotvic 10:23 29 Jul 2009

As you have several threads re different pc's can you please give details of which one this is?

Have you by any chance done a reinstall in past few weeks and then not activated XP?

Have you had any warning notices pop up over the last few weeks?

More details please.

  Terminus90 11:06 29 Jul 2009

how many times have you re-installed XP onto your system (you are only allowed 6), and have you activated it with different addressess where you have moved to? This might be causing the validation programme to give the respnse you are getting

  nonowtatall 11:38 29 Jul 2009

hi lotvic
this computer is a shop built one a few years ago and i did a reinstall about ayear ago when i got a virus i have had no pop up recently it was validated by micro soft a couple of times when i was downloadind something off them
hi Terminus i have only reinstalled it once so why now I have been into the responce letter they send and they ask that i send my disc and the form i printed out to an address in Ireland called
Microsoft PID Centre but i am a bit wary of that it might be a scam

  lotvic 11:54 29 Jul 2009

No way would Microsoft ask you to send the disc
That has got to be a scam.

For starters, the disc only has the OS XP on and does not have the product key on it.
You can use any XP (retail, OEM etc) cd to install - even a borrowed one or one you have made yourself - as long as the product key matches the edition (retail, OEM etc)
Product key if OEM preinstalled is on a sticker on pc
if Retail it is on the packaging.
If seperately purchased OEM key is also on packaging

What is the address in Ireland?
Whatever you do DO NOT give out your product key or send your disc anywhere.

This needs further investigation.

  lotvic 12:05 29 Jul 2009

that is nonsense Microsoft don't know where you live. You can activate XP as many times as wanted it is unlimited, except that you may have to telephone activate instead of online if there are too many hardware changes for the 'points' system. The hardware hash that is generated gives points for each change and then you have to telephone activate if too many points. This is the 'anti-piracy' that stops one copy being installed on more than one pc.

  nonowtatall 12:30 29 Jul 2009

Microsoft PID Centre
Atrium Building, Block B
Carmen Hall Road
Sandyford Industrial Estate
Dublin 18
this the address on the mail and this is the email
[email protected]
they say they will send me a complete complimentry windows genuine advantage kit in about 4 weeks time if i send the disc my sticker with the code on it will stay with me they never asked for that

  tullie 12:32 29 Jul 2009

Does anyone think its an infection thats causing this problem?

  nonowtatall 12:44 29 Jul 2009

hi lotvic
why cant they send me the genuine article first as they have been into my computer to check it and a blue star in my quick launch

  nonowtatall 12:47 29 Jul 2009

have you noticed they is no tel no and it also says you may be the victim of piracy keeps popping up it is totally annoying

  lotvic 13:16 29 Jul 2009

Fact: Your copy is genuine and you have your Product Key.

What they are doing is this.
Microsoft *think* you have a pirate copy of XP and want to sell you a new product key to 'legalise' it.

The windows genuine advantage kit they want to send you is to enable you to convert your 'pirate' copy to a genuine one click here

OK, now we know you have the 'Blue Star' WGA
You don't want/need that (it's from Microsoft - don't panic)
go to 'removewga' a programme that you can download and remove the blue star that is in your bottom right hand corner click here

also read this other pca thread for info click here

If after removing the 'Blue Star' WGA there is still a problem with validation then you may need to telephone Microsoft at some stage, to sort this out. But let us know first what happens after you get rid of blue star - nobody has that any more, it was optional to start with and is not necessary.

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