windows not starting and no start up disk

  suzie005 23:40 02 Sep 2005

not for me but for a friend.when he switches on it tries to load but he gets a message basically giving him these options:

start in safe mode
safe mode with networking
safe mode with command prompt and
last known good configuration.

'scuse if i haven't written properly.i've written everything down quick as he told me on the fone.he's tried all the options and it does nowt.he's doesn't use the pc an awful lot and hasn't made ( doesn't have many programs installed full stop)any changes.apart from a cuple of nites ago he had 2 set a restore point cos altho he cud get his email he cudn't get on the net.he rang wanadoo tech support and they advised this.

he's using XP.

@ the sec the USB lite on the modem flashes RED when there is activity and the ADSL lite is doing nowt.dunno if owt is related.

he hasn't btw got a start up disk and he's using XP.

  kimosabi 23:48 02 Sep 2005


  suzie005 23:50 02 Sep 2005


he's tried all of the options and it doesn't do owt he said earlier on

  woodchip 23:53 02 Sep 2005

He needs use a XP cd if he can get hold of one to do a repair

  suzie005 23:56 02 Sep 2005


waiting 4 another response but he did say that he'd tried the cd and it didn't do owt.haven't got exact details with me so i'll have 2 get back 2 u.if that doesn't work then why shudn't it?

  woodchip 00:03 03 Sep 2005

It may be a Restore disc. If he boots with a Restore disc it should put all back as when he bought the computer. But he will lose is files that he created. If he as on the other hand got a Full XP disc, then he can repair the computer with it and would not lose is files. But would have to redownload all MS updates

  Kev.Ifty 00:09 03 Sep 2005

This problem is not connected with the internet connection.

woodchip is right! You, or your friend, needs to do a repair.

If that doesn't work then i suspect the hard drive is at fault.

Assuming no new hardware has been added. I would check all the connections.

Open the case and disconnect/reconnect the ide and power cables and try the CD again.

  suzie005 00:17 03 Sep 2005


i'll be speaking with him shorlty hopefully so i'll pass the word idea if he has a full XP disc but i no his files are backed up!


no he's adding nothing.he just no's how 2 use a pc

i did wonder abt the hard drive but not being there it's difficult.i did listen out on the fone but it's hard 2 tell.

if i was there i'd check the connections but he's miles away and i'm not sure he'd want 2 mess with the pc.

ta 4 all ur help.hopefully he'll get it sorted.

  suzie005 00:55 03 Sep 2005

no XP disc and he doesn't no nebody with one.he had tried the restore cd earlier and it didn't do owt.he's gonna have a play l8r on.

  Strawballs 01:17 03 Sep 2005

I had the same trouble last night suddenly crashed then would not restart tried safe mode , no joy tried last known good configuration but didn't seem to get beyond the startup screen but when I phoned a friend to see if he had any suggestions I tried the last known etc this time it got to the end of the startup screen then it went blabc as usual but I just left it while I was talking to him then after about 5min it suddenly started to continue, the only thing that I can think is that it takes time to reset back to last known etc been fine ever since just told me it was a device driver problem.

  Magik ®© 10:39 03 Sep 2005

hi, so who ever this friend is, did he not set a restore was said above..he might not have a xp disk, but does he have the restoredisk, put it in, switch the pc off, and then restart.....tell him to get with it....


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