Windows not loading

  algernonymous 12:22 20 Mar 2007

After going through the POST text stuff the last line says 'Bypassing windows start-up files' (or words to that effect), it then flashes the Win 98 screen (I am upgrading soon- honest!) and then whereas the desktop would next appear, it is just remaining blank, although there is much activity from the hard disk light. ?

  Chris147 16:16 20 Mar 2007

Hi algernonymous,

the extensive hard-disk activity (if this is indeed the case, it is called 'Disk Thrashing') suggests one of two things - 1) There is too much information on the Hard Drive and not enough space left for the Page File (virtual memory), or 2) the Hard Drive itself has become corrupt.

Investigate booting with Bart's PE (downloadable) - this will allow you to diagnose the errant drive. If there is less than 1.5GB left on it, delete some files. If you can't read it, it's dead. If you can read it, and there's plenty of space left, try running fdisk with the "/mbr" switch to fix the boot sector. This last bit is on the Win 98 boot floppy.


  algernonymous 17:05 20 Mar 2007

Hi Chris,

Apparently Bart's PE does not run on Windows NT4/ME/9x ?


  uesquebeathus 17:50 20 Mar 2007

a slax linux live cd will give you enough tools to look through your drive and either delete unwanted items or defrag the drive , after you download it burn it to a disc then boot to the cd Slax will then start up.
download from here
click here

  algernonymous 19:55 20 Mar 2007

When I last looked I'd used about 14gb of the 80 it has. I also have a 10gb backup drive so I'm hoping all my photo's are OK.
I can get into safe mode- can I do anything from there?

Will also try the slax, thanks uesquebeathus.

  algernonymous 11:26 21 Mar 2007


  brundle 11:31 21 Mar 2007

check drive for problems with manufacturer's diagnostic, the tools suggested are useful but won't tell you what problems are present on the drive (if any);
click here

  algernonymous 12:17 21 Mar 2007

Can't use cd drive (only got safe mode) so can't use slax.
Got Acronis installed (from a free download from another mag a couple of weeks ago) but haven't used it yet, just ran it and it came back with 'Acronis has not found any disk drives'?
C:(80gb) & D:(10gb) both appear on safe mode desktop.

  algernonymous 13:06 21 Mar 2007

From a previous Belarc I'd saved it tells me the drive is WDC- is that Western Digital?
However just ran Belarc again and it comes back with 'no drives detected'

  algernonymous 13:23 21 Mar 2007

CORRECTION- Belarc is detecting the capacity of the drives and used/available space but not their makes/model no's. The 'no drives detected' was for the cd drives.

  algernonymous 15:59 21 Mar 2007

What's it best to run first- scandisk or disk defrag cos it looks like they'll both take a few hours?

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