Windows not filling screen

  awesomefire 21:23 10 Jan 2011

Ive just bought a Samsung BX2231 monitor and connecting via HDMI from my ATI HD5450 graphics card windows does not fill the screen and all web pages are incredibly small. Connecting with the VGA cable it fills the screen but with reduced resolution. Is there an easy fix for this as it looks like Ive adjusted what I can, monitor and card wise,thanks

  BRYNIT 21:50 10 Jan 2011

Have you checked that your graphics card has the latest drivers.

Did you install the supplied device driver supplied on the DVD this should help select the correct resolution.

From the instructions the top resolution the monitor will take is 1920x1080 this may make the writing too small. You could try other setting like 1280x1024 if this doesn't look right try another.

  GaT7 22:00 10 Jan 2011

Are you running it at its native 1920*1080 resolution? This is the resolution you should be running it at all times for the clearest picture, as any other res will look inferior in comparison (so not recommended as suggested by BRYNIT).

If things look too small you can always use the various scaling options in the OS & browser(s) to make everything appear larger. What OS are you using by the way? G

  woodchip 22:28 10 Jan 2011

It is a Resolution Problem, Your Graphics Card may not support the Resolution of the New Monitor

  GaT7 22:42 10 Jan 2011

A modern GPU like the HD5450 should really have no problem with displaying a 1920*1080 Full HD resolution - it's probably one of its selling points.

So all I can think of is a faulty monitor/GPU or dodgy GPU drivers. Did you try older drivers?

What monitor did you have before? Your OS may be helpful too. G

  awesomefire 01:15 11 Jan 2011

Im using win7 and google chrome I can scale up in chrome but if I move to another page its gone small again yawn. My previous monitor was an oem from mesh running on VGA and no probs with that as this monitor on VGA just HDMI which seems problematical.Funny thing my daughter played Sims 3 and that was full screen using HDMI but none of my programmes will.

  GaT7 12:04 11 Jan 2011

Games will normally run full screen but is it running at 1920*1080 in the Sims 3 game? You can normally check this in the game's settings.

Have you tried the monitor driver? It may be included on a disc that came with the monitor, or it can be downloaded from click here under Downloads > Driver.

If that doesn't help, I would recommend contacting Samsung directly for support? This is their service request page click here, but you'll need to create an account at click here to access it. G

  Woolwell 12:15 11 Jan 2011

Google Chrome keeps being mentioned. To ask probably a silly question but is this a problem with just Chrome is it that the windows desktop does not fill the screen?
Have you tried to adjust image distortion as in this link click here

  GaT7 12:17 11 Jan 2011

Woolwell, from awesomefire's last post:

" probs with that as this monitor on VGA just HDMI which seems problematical."

HDMI problem only. G

  Woolwell 12:38 11 Jan 2011

Thought that it may have been a silly question!

From the Samsung manual:
"Blank spaces are found at the top and bottom of the screen when an [HDMI] or [HDMI-DVI] cable is connected to the monitor and PC.
Blank spaces on the screen are not caused by the monitor. The cause of the problem is the PC or graphics card, and can be fixed by adjusting the screen size in the HDMI or DVI option of the graphics card settings menu. If the graphics card settings menu has no option to adjust the screen size, update the graphics card driver to the latest version."
This may or may not help click here

  GaT7 12:50 11 Jan 2011

Well found Woolwell, let's hope it works. G

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