Windows not booting.

  vin 15:14 19 Jan 2008

Hi there to all,

I have Medion Pc. Last week windows would not boot up. I rang Medion customer support and was told that i will need to reinstall using their recovery disc.
I do not want to loose the the data i have on hard disc. I have since tried to boot up pc with another Hard disc with worlking XP Pro. but it still will not boot up. On start up it goes to the screen where the boot up options are safe mode or last known working mode etc. but it will not even boot from there.
Does any one have any ideas? Can some one help?

Regard Vin.

  Fraser257 15:22 19 Jan 2008

You probably will need to reformat your HD. I use a NimbleX Linux disc for backing up my files before a reformat, as it lets me access the computer and my HD without installing anything.

It runs straight from the CD and you can use the Internet and USB devices with it.

I use the Sub 100MB version. click here to download the ISO file. You will need a program capable of burning ISOs to CDs, so click here for CDBurnerXP Pro.

Good luck.

  Pamy 16:04 19 Jan 2008

If you are prepared to loose all the data on the other disk you tried to boot with, you may be able to use your recovery disk to get that disk to boot up as it was when you bought the computer. If that works, you can then connect your original disk as a slave and get your data off it onto the now master disk. Then if you wished you could swap it back in as the master and use the recovery disk again to get that back to how it was then put all your data back that you saved. (long winded and recovery disk may not work on different HDD) seek more advice if you realy do not want to loose data

  vin 16:34 19 Jan 2008

Thanks for the idea. I will try this as this is an old disc.

  Pamy 16:39 19 Jan 2008

Make sure you can connect the two HDD together as Master and Slave before you do anything, Good luck , let us know how it all goes please

  Pamy 16:41 19 Jan 2008

PS. don't forget to change the HDD jumpers

  vin 18:49 19 Jan 2008


The old drive is Eide and the crashed HDD drive is SATA so there does not seem to be way to set Master and Slave on the SATA.
Do you know if this is possible?

  Pamy 19:21 19 Jan 2008

You do not have master and slave with SATA as far as I know. I would now suggest that you ask how you can do what I have suggested in a new thread.

Do you have both SATA and IDE connectors? on your motherboard IF so it may still be possible but someone with more knowledge than me is neaded. You could try Google

  Quiet Life 23:35 19 Jan 2008

A great little operating system. I moved it onto a flashdrive and it will be very useful for many things.

  jarani 00:05 20 Jan 2008

Vin - I have a Medion as well with the same problem - I found 2 unsatisfactory solutions :

switch on - fails to boot up - button switch off
switch on again - offers to boot up in Safe Mode
I accept - it boots up in SM - I switch off via Start
switch on again - it boots up perfectly - done

alternatively, I switch on as step one above
leave it alone - have breakfast
after 45 minutes it boots up perfectly - done

I have not had time so far to investigate further

  vin 12:31 20 Jan 2008

I have tried to boot up using Safe Mode but will not boot. I have not let it try for the 45Mins. you have mentioned, but will try it.
Ref. Causes, for none boot, I have been told yo run Check disk often as this is not node automatically.This may help with the boot up problems i have been informed.

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